Possible Substance-Abuse Clause For Recording Contracts

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Substance abuse clause for recording contracts

Substance abuse clause for recording contractsStop the presses, the record companies would like to remove the “drugs” from “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”! Today, the once glamorized lifestyle of the singer-songwriter drug addict is now looked down upon more and more, especially by those financially invested in the output and success of such artists. Some music labels and managers in the United Kingdom are trying to implement a substance abuse clause in the contracts of their recording artists. A newly formed coalition led by Marc Marot, a former head of Island Records, has been outlining a new condition that would “allow record labels to suspend self-harming artists until they get adequate treatment.” Entitled the “Jackson Clause”, allegedly spurred by Michael Jackson’s death from prescription drugs, this provision is likely aimed at protecting the record labels’ investments when music stops being good and sales begin to drop off. Many will argue that the most brilliant albums of all time were created under the influence of drugs and alcohol; however, the music world has seen some truly tragic losses of talented individuals due to excessive drug use. Will the new “Jackson Clause” change the face of music for the better or for the worse?

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