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Doctors prescribe opioid painkillers for a broad range of applications. Cancer pain, post-surgical discomfort, and temporary aches are common motivators. But when having the discussion about oxycodone vs hydrocodone, what is important to understand? Additionally, does it make a difference when developing drug dependence is a very real threat?

Oxycodone vs Hydrocodone: Understanding the Similarities and Differences

woman with pills in hand weighs pros and cons of oxycodone vs hydrocodoneBoth drugs have the potential to cause varied side effects that include slowed breathing, nausea, and drowsiness. Constipation may occur as a common symptom while taking these drugs as well. Manufacturers mix the substances with other medications such as acetaminophen for added pain relief.

When creating hydrocodone, producers add an antihistamine for cough suppression as well. Some studies suggest oxycodone may be safer during pregnancy although it’s slightly more potent. Both substances have a high addiction potential, which makes these drugs more dangerous when taken regularly. Oxycodone may be more likely to appear on drug abuse reports, which is likely because of its heightened popularity.

What Does Addiction Look Like?

Did you know that you could develop a hydrocodone addiction or oxycodone addiction even while following the dosage a medical professional prescribes? Your body gradually builds a tolerance to the substance. Usually, this takes three to four weeks. In preparation for the body’s inevitable tolerance, many individuals request an increase in dosage to get the same effects.

By increasing the dosage, the chemicals in the drugs rewrite your brain’s chemistry. You may now need to produce more chemicals for your neurotransmitters to function. If you stop taking these painkillers, you may suffer from depression, gastrointestinal upset, and other withdrawal symptoms. Some people continue taking the painkillers just to avoid these painful withdrawal symptoms.

You could face serious consequences if you increase your dosage on your own. You may find it hard to stop taking the same large quantity each day. Withdrawal symptoms are strong and psychological dependence may hold you captive. No matter how severe your addiction, seeking medically supervised detox and rehabilitation will gently lead you to sobriety.

Recovering from Prescription Drug Addiction

The success of formal rehab gives you a refreshing change of scenery. Therapists work with you to uncover the specific source of your addictive behavior. From there, they help you chart a course that helps you to strive for lifelong sobriety. Although the traditional evidence-based talk therapy settings are present on our facilities, The Hills Treatment Centers offer these luxurious amenities as well:

  • Pet therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Sober companion guidance
  • Executive rehab for discreet recovery
  • Transportation to group meetings

Regardless of whether you’ve been using oxycodone vs hydrocodone, you don’t have to struggle with your prescription pill dependency anymore. Don’t let these drugs rob you of all that life has to offer. Call the therapists at The Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287 for immediate assistance.

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