Outpatient Drug Care: An Approach To Consider

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Outpatient Drug Care

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains, there are two categories of drug treatment, residential drug treatment and outpatient drug treatment.  While most people are familiar with the care received at residential drug treatment centers, outpatient drug care is an alternate approach to consider. Each type of drug treatment has a set of benefits, but there are distinctions.  In some instances, the benefits offered by an outpatient drug care milieu better suits the client’s lifestyle and the nature of  their drug addiction.

 Outpatient Drug Care

Although similar to residential drug treatment, outpatient drug care is structured differently.  Outpatient drug care programs allow much greater freedom and mobility, allowing clients to continue the flow of their everyday lives including; work, school, family commitments, and social responsibilities.  Additionally, there is greater anonymity as residential treatment absences don’t have to be explained away to others.  Returning to your residence at the end of a busy day that includes outpatient drug care, affords clients greater privacy as well.

The Hills Approach to Outpatient Drug Care

The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration  (SAMHSA ) writes about the newest approach to outpatient drug care, the Intensive Outpatient Treatment model.  The Hills Treatment Center , always forward thinking in all of their drug treatment methodology, offers clients an Intensive Outpatient Treatment program, also known as IOT.

  •   Focus on commitment and accountability
  •   Develop problem solving skills
  •   Learn stress reduction techniques
  •   Participate in private and family therapy
  •   Medication compliance
  •  Relapse Prevention
  •   Urinalysis    

It’s important to remember when evaluating any outpatient drug care program, that the program is rigorous.  If it’s delivering no more than just drug education, then the program will not meet the clinical standards needed to support drug rehabilitation and recovery.  The IOT program offered by The Hills Treatment Center is highly individual, and a treatment plan will be assessed at intake so that it fully supports drug addiction and recovery while allowing clients the freedom of an outpatient setting.  Contact admissions today and evaluate outpatient drug care at The Hills Treatment Center for yourself. Visit The Hills Outpatient to learn more about our outpatient rehab programs.

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