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opioids vs opiates the hills center

Do you know the differences between opioids vs opiates? News stories, web searches, and many other resources leave people confused about these two drugs, their similarities, and differences.

The poppy plant naturally creates opiate drugs that make up Opioid Pain Medication, opium, and codeine. Drug companies create opioids to act like opiates in the body, using chemicals. Opioids include oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, heroin, and Opioid Maintenance Medication. In other words, in opioids vs opiates, opiates come from natural sources and opioids come from man-made chemicals.

Does Opioids vs Opiates Matter?

opioids vs opiates the hills centerWhen it comes to addiction, health risks, withdrawal symptoms, and recovery, the debate of opioids vs opiates holds no value. Both types of drugs cause the same effects in the body. Each lead to tolerance, dependence, and addiction in quick succession.

In fact, many people first abuse their prescribed opioid painkillers only to move to opiates bought on the street. Others start with an opiate like Opioid Pain Medication in a hospital or under a doctors care, then changing to opioids bought on the streets.

Regardless of you have an Prescription Pain Medicine abuse problem or an addiction to another substance, the only way to recover is through a quality drug rehab center. This is true if you have a drug problem or if you’re seeking help for a loved one. No one enjoys immunity from the opioid epidemic. Additionally, this problem involving the debate of opioids vs opiates affects every age group, gender, economic status, and geographic region of the country.

Help for Opioid and Opiate Addictions

The help you need for opioid or opiate addiction takes place in a quality drug detox and rehab center. Your recovery starts in detox, where qualified professionals help you stay comfortable, nourished, hydrated, and safe from the beginning of withdrawal through sobriety. Once you gain sobriety and detox ends, you enter a rehab program where real recovery takes place.

You also need a rehab program offering a variety of therapies, support, and services. In this treatment, you learn about your addiction and co-occurring conditions, like anxiety or depression. You also gain coping skills to overcome risk for relapse. By the end of rehab treatment in a quality program, you can have the healthier, happier and more productive life you only dream of, today.

Luxury Treatment Is Available for Yourself or Someone You Love

If you or someone you love, like one of your parents or your adult child, experience addiction to opioids or opiates, you can break free from the epidemic. You need:

  • Multiple levels of rehab treatment
  • Detox, rehab, and aftercare
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy and family participation
  • Holistic programs, nutrition, and yoga
  • Transitional or sober living

In the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles is a luxury detox and rehab program designed for people just like you. The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles provides pet-friendly, luxury treatment on a private estate once owned by celebrities. Additionally, this treatment includes your individualized treatment plan with multiple levels of care, sober living, sober companions, and family involvement.

Debating opioids vs opiates isn’t the real problem; it’s the opioid epidemic. You and your entire family can heal from the opioid and opiate epidemic. So call The Hills Treatment Center now at 844-915-0287 to learn more about starting your road to lasting recovery.

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