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Los Angeles Outpatient Program Group Therapy Session

Los Angeles Outpatient Program

Los Angeles Outpatient Program Group Therapy SessionThe decision to enter a drug rehabilitation facility is a very serious one. For many addicts, the idea of leaving their entire life behind is very daunting. An addict may know they need to get help, but they don’t want to, or simply cannot, leave their spouse, partner, children, friends and colleagues. They cannot imagine leaving their jobs, school or family obligations. This fear of leaving everything behind to enter inpatient drug rehab is what keeps many addicts from seeking treatment. Though inpatient drug rehab is extremely effective, there are other rehab options that allow a person to maintain as much of a “normal life” as possible while also getting serious treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction. It’s called outpatient rehab, and it’s a great alternative for those who do not feel comfortable in an inpatient rehabilitation setting, or those who may not need the intense rehabilitation offered in inpatient drug treatment.

Finding the Best Los Angeles Outpatient Program

One of the finest Los Angeles outpatient program centers can be found at The Hills Treatment Center. The Hills allows patients to improve their lives and find lasting addiction recovery by providing them the tools they need, within the comfort of their own surroundings. Patients who enter The Hills Los Angeles outpatient program receive treatment at The Hills beautiful treatment facility – and are able to return to their chosen home – whether it is their own home, or that of a friend or relative – after they are done for the day. The Hills Treatment Center’s Los Angeles outpatient program is known as Gateway rehab and it offers outpatient care at the following times: 

  • Five days per week
  • Six hours per day (partial hospitalization)
  • Three-hour sessions, three times per week (intensive outpatient)
  •  Weekly aftercare group sessions (free of charge)

Benefits of Outpatient Luxury Drug Rehab

Outpatient luxury drug rehab provides the same incredible benefits, therapy, sober living skills and medical oversight as inpatient drug rehab, but with the freedom for a patient to come and go daily. Patients are able to keep up with many of their outside obligations or maintain contact with loved ones throughout the rehabilitation process (although there are some boundaries that are set to maintain a healthy and successful recovery). Therapy sessions are offered on an individual basis or in a group or family setting – whichever the patient finds most beneficial to make a full recovery.

Outpatient Programming as a Compliment to Inpatient Drug Rehab

One of the most challenging aspects of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is finding continued support and sobriety following an inpatient rehab stay. The Hills Treatment Center is committed to the long-term success of their inpatient rehabilitation patients and offers continued support to manage their sobriety after inpatient care.  The goal of The Hills’ IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is for the patient to feel supported and armed with the right tools to navigate long-term sobriety.  The focus of the Intensive Outpatient Program is on commitment and accountability. That accountability includes urinalysis, relapse prevention, medication compliance, family therapy and stress reduction techniques. 

The Hills Treatment Center’s Los Angeles outpatient program center is located in the Melrose district, away from The Hills’ main facility and offers a wide variety of programs and services.  To learn more about the outpatient care at The Hills Treatment Center’s Gateway Rehab, contact The Hills today.

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