Why Choose Long Term Drug Rehab?

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woman talks to male therapist about long term drug rehab

When people get help for drug addiction, they generally have two types of treatment options. These options include short and long term drug rehab. While short-term rehab works fine for some people, long-term treatment generally has a higher success rate. Below are a few reasons why long-term care is a better option.

Long Term Drug Rehab Gives People More Time to Understand Addiction

woman talks to male therapist about long term drug rehabPeople generally don’t wake up one morning and decide to develop a drug addiction. Instead, it’s something that grows over time. As such, there’s more to overcoming addiction than simply not using drugs anymore.

Addiction tends to manifest from other underlying problems. Long term drug rehab helps people unearth these problems to address the source of the disease. Dealing with the cause of addiction is the only way to overcome it for good. Failure to do so typically results in relapse.

Breaks the Cycle of Dependence

When people abuse drugs, they become dependent on the reaction that the drugs trigger in their bodies. Long-term rehab breaks this cycle of dependence. Without access to the drug and distractions, they have time to focus on recovery. Eventually, it becomes clear that they can make it without substance abuse.

Time to Heal

Drugs take a huge toll on the body. It takes a long time for it to recover from this damage. Long-term treatment gives people the time that they need to heal properly. It also gives them a chance to heal in an atmosphere that specifically helps them achieve overall health.

Why Is Short-Term Care So Popular?

Short-term care is popular for a few reasons. First of all, most insurance companies don’t want to pay for long term treatment because it costs more. As a result, they push for short-term care when it’s possible.

Secondly, people who struggle with drug addiction typically don’t want help. As a result, they agree to enter rehab as long as they do the bare minimum. Although short-term rehab is successful in many cases, it doesn’t really give people enough time to change.

Once again, short-term care has a place in the rehab industry. However, most people get more out of enrolling in a long-term treatment program.

We Can Provide You With Long-Term Care

Do you want to get the most out of your drug rehab experience? Consider long term drug rehab at The Hills Treatment Center. We can provide a customized treatment plan. Some of the different programs that we offer include:

Don’t waste another minute of your life-fighting addiction alone. Let us provide long term drug rehab for you. Call us at 844-915-0287 for more information.

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