Is My Husband an Alcoholic?

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Wife wonders 'is my husband an alcoholic?'

If your husband drinks in excess, then you might wonder, “Is my husband an alcoholic?” In order to reveal the answer to this question, you need to ask the following things. Each of them can help you determine whether you’re married to an alcoholic.

Has Alcohol become a Significant Problem in Your Relationship?

Wife wonders is my husband an alcoholicOne of the best ways to answer the question of, “Is my husband an alcoholic?”, is to think about whether alcohol consumption has created problems in your marriage. If you’ve repeatedly brought up the problem of chronic or excessive drinking, and your spouse can’t or won’t change, that could be a warning sign.

Most loving spouses wouldn’t choose to repeatedly disappoint their loved ones. In the case of alcoholism, however, it isn’t a choice–it’s a disease.

Can Your Husband Abstain From Drinking For an Extended Period of Time?

One way to determine whether your husband’s drinking is actually alcoholism is to see whether abstaining causes problems. Most alcoholics need to drink daily, or even multiple times throughout the day.

If your husband can’t abstain for a single day, then he might have an alcohol addiction. If he can abstain, but feels unwell and is plagued with withdrawal symptoms, then addiction is likely still a problem. However, if your husband can abstain from drinking over several days and not feel worse as a result, then he may not be an alcoholic.

Is Your Husband’s Drinking Keeping Him From His Responsibilities?

Chronic or excessive drinking can be dangerous in and of itself, but alcoholism may be a whole different matter. Those who aren’t alcoholics may be able to juggle casual drinking with the rest of life’s responsibilities. Alcoholics, however, may not.

Your husband might be displaying signs of alcoholism if he’s unable to perform basic tasks and responsibilities without alcohol getting in the way. For example, an alcoholic might forget to pick up his children from school. He might also find it difficult to make smart financial decisions or hold employment for extended periods of time.

Is Your Husband Drinking Increasing Amounts of Alcohol?

One sign of alcoholism is an increased tolerance for alcohol. This means that rather than having the same amount to drink day in and day out, alcoholics require growing amounts of alcohol in order to feel the same way.

If your husband needs to drink more and more every few weeks or months, that means his tolerance is rising. In turn, this could indicate alcoholism.

Seeking Help if You Answer “Yes” to “Is My Husband an Alcoholic?”

If these questions reveal that you’re married to an alcoholic, then it’s critical that you seek help at a high-quality rehab center right away. The facilities at Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, is the perfect choice for luxury addiction treatment and recovery from alcoholism. Call 844-915-0287 to learn more about programs and how to take the next steps to help your husband achieve health, happiness, and sobriety.

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