Is Having A Drinking Problem The Same As Being An Alcoholic?

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Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Drinking Problem

Experts at the famous Mayo Clinic report that it is possible to have a problem with alcohol even though it hasn’t progressed to the point of alcoholism.  Having a drinking problem means that at certain times you binge drink, and continue to have these periods of over drinking despite the problems it causes in your life.  However, this form of alcohol addiction or dependence is not yet considered the exact same as the disease of alcoholism.  At this point, there is an important opportunity for intervention, to seek help before making the final slide down into the disease of alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive disease that includes; problem drinking or uncontrolled drinking, preoccupation with alcohol, continuing to drink alcohol even when it’s the cause of many personal and professional problems, and having withdrawal symptoms when you decrease or stop drinking.   It’s not always obvious to the person drinking that they have crossed the line from social drinking to problem drinking, as this can occur slowly over time.  Never the less, they may be on a perilous cliff unless either through their own self-awareness, or guidance from loved ones or a physician, they seek  alcohol treatment.

If you have concern about problem drinking and the role that alcohol plays in your life, then discuss the matter with somebody your trust, and educate yourself about the signs and symptoms.

  • Feel guilt or shame about drinking?
  • Have you lied in order to cover-up drinking?
  • Is your alcohol hidden away in stashes?
  • Do friends and family worry about your drinking habits?
  • Need a drink in order to relax all the time?
  • Are you skipping out on commitments in order to drink?
  • Has drinking placed you in dangerous circumstances?
  • Are you increasingly depressed?
  • Do you get anxious without a drink?
  • Was there a traumatic event in your life that triggered your drinking?

After discussion and evaluation, perhaps it is time to come to terms with problem drinking, its adverse effects,  and the risks of alcohol addiction.

Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

A premier, luxury residential facility like The Hills Treatment Center is an excellent starting point to address your concerns about problem drinking.  At The Hills you will find a unique experience, blending education with treatment, encompassing the finest therapeutic modalities recognized today.  Contact an admissions counselor soon and explore your options.  Partner with this talented, kind staff, allowing them to steward you through the process of alcohol detox, rehab, and recovery.  If you are concerned about your drinking, then don’t let an addiction problem become a disease.

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