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is addiction genetic the hills center

People’s DNA contains their genetic code. Studies indicate that it not only determines their appearance but also has a role in influencing behavior. How much does DNA influence what people do? Is addiction genetic?

Is Addiction Genetic?

is addiction genetic the hills centerAccording to research, genetics do play a role in the development of addiction. Some people are more likely to develop the disease than others. For this reason, some people develop prescription drug problems while others don’t.

Research suggests that addiction can also run in families. People whose parents struggle with addiction are likely to struggle with it, too. Of course, there’s more to consider than just genetics.

Genetics Aren’t the Only Force at Play

While genetics play a huge role in people’s risk for addiction, it’s not the only thing to consider. Even if they’re at a higher risk, they can avoid addiction if they avoid drugs. Unlike other genetic diseases, people still have the ability to control if they develop addiction or not.

Besides freedom of choice, environmental factors also play a role in addiction. Having drug addicted parents or hanging out with friends that do drugs puts people at greater risk. These are what doctors call environmental factors. Sometimes, people simply grow up in atmospheres that influence their drug use.

Can People Still Get Help If Addiction Is in Their Genes?

Yes, people can still get help. Just because addiction runs in people’s families doesn’t mean that they’re beyond help. It does mean, however, that professional help is a must. They have to learn to spot their triggers and deal with underlying mental issues.

Learning life skills and coping techniques can help as well. All of these factors work together to give people the help that they need to overcome addiction. What they learn in rehab can help them avoid relapse later in life, as well.

Reducing the Risk

Beyond getting professional help, people can do other things to reduce their risk of an developing addiction. One way is remaining drug-free. If they never use drugs, they never have to worry about the disease.

They can also open up to their family members about wanting to remain drug-free. It’s good to talk to a therapist about the problem too. A therapist can give them helpful advice that keeps them from going down the wrong path.

Get Your Addiction Under Control

Overcoming addiction isn’t as easy as learning about “is addiction genetic?” To overcome the disease, people need professional help from a rehab center that cares. At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer several great programs such as:

Don’t let your genes get in the way of living a long happy life. Let us teach you more about “is addiction genetic?” Contact us at 844-915-0287 to learn how to control your addiction.

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