IOP: All About Intensive Outpatient Treatment

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Woman and therapist in an IOP treatment

woman talks to therapist in iopThere are different levels of care for addiction treatment, and sometimes trying to choose one can seem overwhelming. Before entering treatment, you should know about the different levels of care and which ones work best. Each level serves a specific purpose. Depending on your situation, IOP may or may not be right initially. First, you should know about what the order of the levels of care are from highest to lowest:

  • Detox
  • Residential or inpatient
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Aftercare and sober living

Is it Too Soon to go to IOP?

There are some people who benefit from starting off in an intensive outpatient program, but many don’t. Typically, this level of care is beneficial later on. Patients often transition to an IOP after they complete residential treatment. A common mistake that people make is going to outpatient before they’re ready. Going to this level of care too soon can lead to a quick relapse because addiction is so powerful.

Starting off in residential rehab is typically what professionals recommend for anyone with a severe addiction. One of the common reasons you should begin in residential treatment is if you’ve ever suffered chronic relapses. Addiction hijacks the brain, so most people aren’t safe from their own thoughts, cravings, and actions. Stepping down from residential to an intensive outpatient program means you already have a strong foundation.

Transitioning to an outpatient program is a great way to begin to ease back into regular, everyday living again. As you return home, go back to work and begin dealing with friends and family again, you’ll still have support. This gives you a safety net when you have the inevitable rough days that follow getting sober. Rather than being on your own, you’ll have a program to discuss the new issues that arise in early recovery.

Starting off in IOP

There are some who benefit from beginning in outpatient treatment programs due to less severe addictions. This is typically where young people or people in the early stages of addiction begin. These are people who have a strong support system at home as well as a way of staying accountable. In these cases, you may have better chances of staying sober by continuing to have support from loved ones.

Another reason you may need to start in this level of care is due to work, school or home obligations. You may be the primary breadwinner for the household, requiring you to continue working. The best thing you can do for yourself rather than deciding a level of care is speaking with an addiction professional.

The Hills Center is here to help you or your loved one decide which treatment programs are ideal for you. We have a staff of addiction professionals who will help you make the right choice for your recovery. For an assessment or more information about our outpatient rehab, give us a call today at 844-915-0287.

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