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Smiling woman in Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehab and Aftercare Programs

Inpatient Drug RehabOne of the most frustrating situations that those working in inpatient drug rehab deal with, whether they work with rehab for meth addiction, cocaine addiction, alcoholism or any other kind of substance abuse and addiction program, is seeing people make great progress in a luxury drug rehab, only to relapse once they get back into their old environment.

It’s not that they don’t have the coping mechanisms and skills to stay sober. Most addicted persons can learn the basic skills they need to get sober and stay sober in a very short time, especially if they’ve spent time in a high end rehab where they can devote full time to their recovery. Rather, most of the time that people relapse after having received treatment in a quality private detox center, it’s because they didn’t have – or didn’t use – a solid support system to continue dealing appropriately and in healthy ways with the underlying issues that led to their addictions.

Start with an Inpatient Drug Rehab that has Solid Aftercare Programs

Whether you’re struggling with addiction personally or you’re looking for help for someone else who is, it’s important to find a private detox center that is prepared to offer treatment over the long haul. Staying sober is a lifelong process, and most who successfully stay sober do so because they have a strong support system.

Outpatient drug care programs and aftercare programs are among the best ways to give those who have struggled with addiction a support system. The best aftercare programs offer access to professionals who understand the medical and psychological underpinnings of addiction and to support groups of others who are struggling with addiction and understand what it means to fight to stay free and sober. Ideally, you should look for an inpatient drug rehab program that either has, or at least can refer clients to, outpatient rehab centers that offer outpatient rehab services for drugs and that can serve as a support system after leaving the safety and controlled environment of the luxury drug rehab.

What to Look for in Outpatient Drug Care

When looking for outpatient for drugs after going through a residential drug rehabilitation treatment program, look for drug outpatient programs that support and compliment the treatment you (or your loved one) received at the inpatient drug rehab. While there is more than one effective treatment method, it’s best to stick with what’s working. Make sure any outpatient treatment you go through recognizes the importance of dual diagnosis treatment. Trying to treat alcoholism or drug addiction without treating the depression, bipolar disorder, or other psychiatric or psychological conditions that led to addiction is much like trying to treat the symptoms without addressing the real disease.

The Hills Treatment Center is a private detox center offering drug treatment in Los Angeles’ scenic Hollywood Hills. We offer dual diagnosis treatment with trained professionals who take a holistic approach to helping our clients overcome alcohol addiction. Further, we recognize that intensive outpatient care is needed after your time in our private addiction rehab center has ended. We provide out patient services for drugs and outpatient services for alcohol to help ensure that our clients are able to stay clean and sober long after they’ve left our high end rehab facility.

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