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Man holding a glass of alcohol wonders how to stop drinking

If quitting alcohol were easy, you’d probably have done it by now. In fact, an alcohol use disorder is a chronic disease. Although there isn’t a cure, you can learn how to stop drinking with treatment. How do you get started?

Understanding What a Dependence on Alcohol Looks Like

Man holding a glass of alcohol wonders how to stop drinkingThere’s a difference between alcohol abuse and dependence. While abuse may lead to dependence, these terms aren’t identical. Binge drinking is a good example of abuse. You might have four or five drinks in just a couple of hours and deal with a hangover the next morning.

Dependence is different because it affects the way you function with or without the substance. In the case of alcohol, you experience withdrawal symptoms and endure constant cravings when you don’t have it. Your daily focus revolves around getting your next drink. It’s difficult to focus on anything else even if you want to.

How to Stop Drinking When You’re Afraid of Withdrawal

Those who have never experienced alcohol abuse disorder will tell you to just stop drinking. This isn’t good advice and shows a lack of understanding of how addiction works. Instead, you need to seek help. After all, if you could just stop drinking, you would’ve done so a long time ago.

Professionals who understand addiction from the inside are ideally suited to assist you at this time. What stops most people struggling with an alcohol problem from getting help is the fear of the withdrawal symptoms. You already know what it feels like to wait too long between drinks. While you may not be able to visualize what quitting completely feels like, a medically supervised detoxification is your best choice.

What Does Detox Look Like?

Detox doesn’t have to be the way you see it portrayed in the movies. In fact, at a detox center, it can be a fairly painless process, including the following:

  • Personalized program in a comfortable environment. It’s important to check into a detox center that believes in physical and emotional comfort. Unlike a hospital setting with impersonal caregivers, you work directly with professionals who are available to you around the clock. Remember that not all detox centers are created equal.
  • Physical safety. Because trying to quit by yourself, at home, can be dangerous if you’ve become accustomed to daily alcohol intake, entrust your well-being to medical experts. Depending on the severity of your dependence, you may suffer from gastrointestinal upset, tremors, anxiety, and similar problems. In a medically supervised setting, medication becomes a tool to prevent adverse physical reactions and unnecessary discomfort.
  • Easy transition to rehab treatments. Once your body withdraws from alcohol and you successfully break the chains of physical addiction, you’ll move over to rehab. Rehab is the time to work on preventing a relapse. A number of customized treatments will help you build coping strategies and avoid trigger responses. You build your self-confidence to handle problems in a positive way.

Choose Recovery Today!

Now that you know how to stop drinking, it’s time to take that courageous first step. Don’t allow alcohol to rob you of your life. Quitting alcohol is easier with help. Call The Hills Treatment Center at 844-915-0287 to connect with caring professionals who’ll be at your side every step of the way.

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