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It might seem impossible to get sober if you have an addiction. However, it’s never out of reach, even if your situation seems bleak.Although there could be bumps and setbacks along the way, you can begin your recovery when you know how to overcome addiction.

Commit to Change

The first step is deciding to get help. It might be hard for you to admit or recognize that you have an addiction even when it puts your life or other’s lives in danger. You might be afraid of what will happen or uncertain if you can do it. That’s normal, but there are many rehab centers and independent groups that offer support.

Making the decision to change involves learning healthy ways to deal with stress and hanging around different people. It also involves thinking about yourself differently and engaging in positive activities with your free time.

Explore Treatment

The road to alcohol and drug addiction recovery takes time, smiling man looking at the camera learns how to overcome addictionmotivation and support. Since you’re in it for the long-haul, you need to make sure that your treatment addresses your needs. Some options for addiction treatment include medications, behavioral therapy and a combination thereof.

In many cases, people with addiction spend at least 90 days in detox and rehab. However, they often need to continue some form of treatment to prevent relapse. This might mean seeing a professional therapist or joining a support group so that they have someone to call when life gets tough.

Ask for Support

Even when you commit to a method of addiction treatment, it’s important that you don’t try to recover alone. You need a solid support system both in and out of rehab. Choose people who have a positive influence and can provide encouragement, guidance or just a sympathetic ear. The bigger your support system, the more likely you are to stay sober.

Many choose to build a support system with existing family and friends. If your relationships are broken, consider family therapy or counseling. Joining a class, civic group or church is a good place to start, as well. You can also give back by volunteering.

Learn How to Cope

After detox, you won’t have alcohol or drugs in your system to numb the negative feelings that you worked so hard to cover up. These feelings will come back, so you need to resolve them. Next, you need to learn how to deal with negative feelings that crop up in the future without relying on alcohol or drugs.

A lot of people with addiction like to exercise, meditate or do yoga to relieve stress. Sometimes, all it takes is some fresh air, sunshine, and deep breathing to help you relax. Playing with pets, getting a massage, picturing somewhere peaceful and soaking in a bath can also help you cope with stress.

Avoid Triggers

It’s essential that you learn the people, places, events and other things that trigger your cravings for alcohol or drugs. You might not even be aware of these until someone such as a therapist or supportive family member points them out.

Some of these triggers could include friends who drink or take drugs, bars and clubs, parents that use drugs, or prescriptions for a health condition. The latter is harder to avoid, so talk to your doctor about your addiction and alternative medicines or methods to keep your health in check.

How to Overcome Addiction at The Hills Treatment Center

Now that you know how to overcome addiction, choose a quiet place for your detox and therapy. The Hills Treatment Center has three luxurious properties on 4 acres of land in the Hollywood Hills. You can even bring your pets to keep you company. The one-on-one staff offers a range of programs:

Stop allowing addiction to control your life. Beat it by attending a rehab center with caring staff. Contact us at 844-915-0287 so that we can get your started.

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