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Man wonders how to break addiction

It takes time to recover from addiction. When people who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse stop using, it upsets their brain and body chemistry. They may feel that they need to use again, but part of recovery is knowing how to break addiction habits. Following are several ways to go about that.

Adopt Healthy Habits

One of the best ways to break an addiction is to replace bad habits with healthy ones. Some people recovering from addiction get back into hobbies or spend more time with their families. Others find it helpful to exercise. Doing aerobics has an antidepressant effect and energizes the body.

Ask for Support

man resting while on a jog learns how to break addiction habitsMany people with addiction do damage to important relationships because of their behavior. However, friends and family can turn into a great support system to keep them from relapse. It might take some time to rebuild trust, but family and group counseling can help.

If loved ones are unwilling or unable to provide support, there are several organizations of members who can. Support group members have been through addiction, either themselves or with loved ones. They understand the difficulty of recovery. During meetings, they share their stories and offer encouragement to those who need it.

People recovering from addiction might also meet someone in a support group who will sponsor them. Sponsors help recovering members with challenges and hold them accountable for their actions. It’s beneficial to have multiple sponsors.

Avoid Triggers

During rehab, one of the ways that many people learn how to break addiction habits is by avoiding triggers. To start, they need to remove anything that triggers them from their homes. Next, they must stop hanging around people, places and things that make them want to use again.

Removing all triggers at once can be tough. If those recovering from addiction slip up, it doesn’t mean a return to all of their bad habits. They shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed of not being perfect. Trying their best and returning to recovery is enough and all that they need to strive for.

Stay Occupied

Sometimes drinking alcohol and using drugs starts as a way to fill time. Along with adopting healthy habits and avoiding triggers, filling time with enjoyable activities can help prevent relapse.

Doing puzzles, reading, playing with pets, and watching movies or TV are all great ways to stay occupied. Playing card games, video games and sports are also good time fillers. Anything that keeps someone who is recovering from addiction thinking about what they’re doing rather than what they could be doing is ideal.

Treat Yourself

Positive reinforcement is one of the keys to successful recovery. Those who want to succeed should get a reward or treat when they reach a milestone. After going a few months without drinking or using, for instance, some support groups hand out chips to recognize the achievement.

Those in recovery can treat themselves by getting a massage or going out for dessert. They could even make it a whole affair with their loved ones.

How to Break Addiction With Support From The Hills Treatment Center

Kicking addiction habits is hard, but people who want to recover can get started in luxury at The Hills Treatment Center. With one-on-one and group support systems, they can learn everything they need to know about living a sober life.

If they don’t think that they’re ready to go home alone after detox and therapy, they can sign up for the Sober Companion program. For this, we assign a trained professional to each guest. The companion helps with the reintegration process. The sober coaches can accompany guests as often as they want to:

  • Home
  • Work
  • Social events

Don’t let your addiction habits hinder your recovery. You can overcome them with the help of an understanding rehab team. Contact 844-915-0287 today to learn more about how we can be that team.

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