How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

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young man wonders how much does drug rehab cost

Money is a problem for many people struggling with drug abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, going to drug rehab costs money. For some people, the idea of paying for rehab is too much, and they avoid the process altogether. If you’re one of the people wondering “how much does drug rehab cost”, there are ways to make the process affordable, no matter what substance abuse problems you’re struggling with.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost When You’re Looking For Luxury?

young man wonders how much does drug rehab costThere are different kinds of drug rehab centers around the United States. The prices of these drug rehab centers differ for a variety of reasons. The size of the center and the number of clients enrolled change the price. Additionally, the programs the facilities offer and whether those programs are individualized for each client also impact the cost.

Luxury drug rehab has more room, more treatment programs, and fewer clients. Having a smaller number of clients means the people that enroll in luxury rehab are able to receive individualized care. However, it costs more. People who choose to enter luxury drug rehab may spend $50,000 or more, depending on how long they stay.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost When You Have Health Insurance?

Health insurance can help you cover drug rehab costs. Most insurance companies cover at least some drug rehab costs. If they won’t cover the costs upfront, the insurance company you have a plan through will likely have a reimbursement policy.

In order for your health insurance to help you cover the costs, you need to find a rehab center that accepts your health insurance. If you enter treatment at a center that won’t take your insurance, you’ll have to cover the costs yourself. The treatment center you want to enter should help you determine whether your insurance will cover your treatment.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost When You Get Help At The Hills Treatment Center?

At The Hills Treatment Center, we accept insurance from most major PPO insurance companies. Some of the insurance providers we accept coverage from include: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Medical Mutual Health, Optum, United Healthcare, and Value Options. No matter what health insurance you have, we’ll help you verify whether or not your insurance will cover your treatment costs.

If your insurance works at The Hills Treatment Center, you can find help with us no matter what substance abuse problems you have. We offer alcohol, meth, opioid, and cocaine addiction treatment, in addition to others. All our treatment includes individualized programs that will help you get and stay sober. Some of our programs are:

Drug rehab can be expensive. With your health insurance, though, you can get affordable care at The Hills Treatment Center. Call us today at 844-915-0287.

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