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Man hiding alcohol addiction

Some people are good at hiding alcohol addiction , and problem drinkers have lots of time and space to perfect the art of secret drinking. At what point does drinking cross over the line from acceptable social drinking to a level of alcohol consumption that is dangerous?  It’s an insidious process that almost creeps up on you in such a way that you don’t notice it until you are addicted to alcohol.  But, realizing that you have an addiction problem is the first step on the road to sobriety.  It’s helpful to understand how and why problem drinkers have become so good at hiding their alcohol addiction.

How Did It Happen?

Man hiding alcohol addictionThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that alcohol is an intoxicating ingredient found in beer, wine and liquor. Drinking alcohol affects every organ in the body because it is a central nervous system depressant.  As a depressant, it acts almost as if it soothes or calms the drinker when they are under stress, or in turmoil over life’s many problems. In fact, studies have shown that addictive drinking may also coexist with depressive illnesses. But, drinking alcohol is just a false and temporary calm, a quick fix that only harms the drinker in the long run.

Ask yourself or the drinker, when did the drinking begin?  Was it partying as a college student, or at business lunches, or at holiday dinners?  Can you identify when the drinking went beyond these occasional social events?  Or, was there a trigger event of upsetting proportion that presented an opportunity to begin drinking heavily?

Why Hide?

There are any number of reasons why those addicted to alcohol hide their drinking.  By hiding, there is a tacit acknowledgment that a problem exists.

  • Are you guilty or embarrassed about your drinking?
  • Do you wind up drinking more than you thought you would?
  • Has your drinking gotten you in trouble at work or school?
  • Does your family confront you about your alcohol addiction?
  • Has your spouse or partner threatened to leave you?
  • Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you go without alcohol?

Easy To Hide

Alcohol consumption is not an illicit activity, therefore society gives silent license to drinking behavior. A person can purchase unlimited supplies of alcohol without any accountability.  This is the first step; acquiring alcohol with ease.  Once the substance is so readily had, it’s a quick step to the art of consuming it secretly.

  • Hiding Places:  There are many hiding places in which to store alcohol.  Every nook and cranny around the house presents a possible hiding place, as well as in your car, your garage, your backpack, or your briefcase.

  • Excuses:  There are many opportunities to sneak off and have a drink.  A person can excuse themselves for a nonexistent phone call, run out their car for something on false pretense, or step away to the bathroom.  All of those are locations are easy hiding places for alcohol.

  • Appearances:  The person who is gregarious or even loud and entertaining is often a popular person.  It is very possible to hide an alcohol addiction behind the guise of a strong personality, where peers don’t recognize problem drinking behavior.  Perhaps they just think the drinker is funny or entertaining.

Treatment and Recovery

In the greater Los Angeles area, The Hills Treatment Center understands how and why hiding alcohol addiction occurs, and they have the professional staff that can guide you through the recovery process. In a private, luxury setting in the Hollywood Hills, you will find the right, gentle guidance from intake  to transitional home support.  Contact The Hills today, and come out of the shadows of hiding your alcohol addiction, into the light of recovery.

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