Heroin Addiction in California [Infographic]

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Heroin addiction in California is a serious problem, and it’s one that leads to countless unnecessary deaths every year. Taking a closer look at heroin addiction in the state reveals the full scope of this frightening epidemic:

1. Opioid Overdoses Have Increased Yearly in California

Between 2006 and 2013, opioid overdoses in California that result in hospitalization have increased annually.

2. Heroin is the Third-Most Abused Drug Among Patients Seeking Treatment in California

Patients who seek addiction treatment in California are most likely to be abusing stimulants or marijuana, but roughly 18% of patients cite heroin as their drug of choice.

3. Northern California Sees Far Greater Heroin Use and Fatalities Than SoCal

Heroin overdose deaths are as much as eight times more likely in Northern California than in Southern California. High-risk counties include Humboldt, Shasta, Lake and Plumas.

4. Criminal Activity and Heroin Use in California are Linked

In places like Sacramento, up to 81% of people arrested are under the influence of drugs, with heroin being a commonly abused substance.

5. 800 Pounds of Heroin are Seized Annually in California

Although far more marijuana, meth and cocaine is seized in California, police are able to remove approximately 800 pounds of heroin from the streets every year.

Heroin addiction in California is a major problem, particularly in the northern part of the state, but treatment can help prevent an overdose or an accident.

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