Having Fun in Early Sobriety

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Young woman celebrating during early sobriety

What Is Early Sobriety

Young woman celebrating during early sobriety

The most prevalent question, or fear, that newcomers in sobriety worry about is the thought of “how will I ever be able to have fun again without using drugs or alcohol?” For many of us, we spent a lot of time using substances in social atmospheres in order to feel more outgoing and fun. We unknowingly shaped our thinking to associate fun and pleasure with drug and alcohol use. Who can imagine a party in college without having a few drinks to loosen up? This is exactly where the problem lies. We spent so much time associating fun and being social with our drug use that it may seem like it’s the only way people have fun and let loose. While this may seem to prove true when you are in early sobriety it is simply not true at all.

It is fairly normal in early sobriety to feel that you are never going to have a good time again, or life is now going to be boring and awkward. This is a big reason why many people relapse and go back to their old ways. What you must realize is that it takes time for our brain to change. For a lot of us, we lived a lifestyle which eventually was engrained in our brain and became second nature. Once we become sober we need to change our lifestyle in order to re-learn a new one. Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight, it takes time. The longer we stay sober the clearer we will think, the more positive we will become, and the healthier our thinking will be. We will start to appreciate the little things more and experience genuine laughter. We can make strong connections with others in similar situations and develop real meaningful relationships. We learn what it actually means to have fun, instead of what it means to be artificially and momentarily “happy.” If you give recovery a chance you will start to experience the joy of life again without drugs or alcohol, but like mentioned earlier it takes time.

It may be a struggle at first but every day gets better, and before you know it you are slowly changing and developing different ways of thinking. You will come to realize that you will actually have way more fun when you are sober than you ever did when you were using. You can only get to this point if you give yourself time. We must all deal with emotions early in sobriety. Build your support network and have people to lean on when times get tough. Not only will you become stronger through this experience but you will come out on the other side experiencing true fun and happiness. Give yourself time to re-learn simple behaviors and patterns of thinking that will help you change your life for the better. If you are still asking yourself “How do I have fun in sobriety?” I assure you, there is a lot more fun to be had in recovery than their ever even seemed to be in addiction.

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