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Intact and crushed white pills represent fentanyl drug abuse

When it comes to potentially dangerous drugs, you can’t make a list of them without fentanyl on it. This is an extremely addictive drug that requires a doctor’s prescription to obtain legally. That doesn’t always stop people from buying the fentanyl drug illegally, though. Below is everything that people need to know about fentanyl and why it’s dangerous.

What Is the Fentanyl Drug?

Intact and crushed white pills represent fentanyl drug abuseFirst, let’s cover a little bit about fentanyl. It’s a potent, man-made opioid. Think of it as a type of Opioid Pain Medication but about 100 times more potent. People already know that Opioid Pain Medication is addictive, so it’s easy to see why fentanyl is so dangerous.

In most cases, doctors prescribe fentanyl only to help people who suffer from chronic pain. For example, patients might get fentanyl to manage pain after surgery or while suffering from cancer. It’s also worth noting that fentanyl is a generic name. Some brand names include Sublimaze, Actiq, and Duragesic.

Buying Fentanyl Illegally

The fentanyl drug is a prescription substance, but people can buy it from street dealers. They might refer to it by several names, the most common of which include:

  • China girl
  • Tango and Cash
  • Goodfella
  • Dance fever
  • Friend
  • Murder 8

Regardless of what they call it, fentanyl drug abuse is common. It doesn’t take long for people to develop an addiction when they start using it. Since buying legitimate fentanyl on the street is expensive, they could turn to derivatives when they can’t afford it anymore.

Street Fentanyl vs. Hospital Fentanyl

The fentanyl that people buy on the street isn’t typically the same as what they get with a prescription. Most of the fentanyl drug abuse that occurs isn’t with hospital-grade fentanyl. Instead, it’s a substance that people source from Mexico and China.

What makes this type of fentanyl abuse worse? The main problem is that makers and dealers cut it with other drugs such as heroin. As an additive, it’s cheaper and produces a similar high.

Unfortunately, some of the others chemicals that they add to street fentanyl are deadly. That’s why some versions are lethal after just one dose. People should never buy or use fentanyl without a prescription from their doctors.

We Can Help You Learn to Live Without Fentanyl

Do you have a problem with fentanyl drug abuse? If so, The Hills Treatment Center can help you overcome addiction. We create tailored treatment plans and provide a luxury environment. Some of our unique programs include:

Don’t waste your time with rehab centers that don’t provide customized care. Find out more about how you can overcome your addiction to the fentanyl drug. Reach out to The Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287.

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