Famous Alcoholics Who Recovered

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famous alcoholics

People from all walks of life can fall victim to alcohol abuse or other forms of substance abuse. However, when celebrities suffer from addiction, their struggles and recovery attempts play out in the public eye. The list of famous alcoholics who beat their addiction is extensive, yet inspiring to fans. By overcoming alcohol abuse, celebrities may offer hope to others facing the same issues in their own lives.

Famous Alcoholics Who Recovered

whiskey in a glass on a table - famous alcoholicsSome famous alcoholics who recovered include Alec Baldwin, Bradley Cooper, and Anthony Hopkins. Baldwin has been sober for more than three decades and credits Alcohol Anonymous with helping him recover. Cooper said that his movie offers improved substantially after he overcame his alcohol abuse issues. Hopkins has been in recovery for more than four decades.

Other celebrity alcoholics include singer Mary J. Blige, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, and author Stephen King. They all credit the intervention of family or friends as well as formal treatment programs. Blige has repeatedly referred to her struggle with addiction in her songs. If you or someone you know has an alcohol use disorder, a quality rehab can help.

Individualized Treatment

The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles prides itself on a caring approach and treatment tailored to each individual. Our facility welcomes people with addictions to cocaine, heroin, meth, alcohol, prescription medication and other substances. A full-service detox and rehab, The Hills Treatment Center has a wide array of programs, including:

The Hills Treatment Center has full certification from the Commission of Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities. Our treatment center is an ideal solution for individuals seeking an adult rehab rather than an adolescent program. Although many of our clients are California residents, we work with clients across the country.

Luxurious Setting

Located in the scenic Hollywood Hills, The Hills Treatment Center is a tranquil sanctuary where clients focus on healing. The center’s inpatient facility sits amid a luxurious setting in Los Angeles’ world-renowned Laurel Canyon. Our outpatient headquarters is on Mulholland Drive in the hills above the city. This distinctive setting provides a peaceful atmosphere, while not too far from the heart of the city.

The Hills Treatment Center is proud to offer all the comfort and privacy its clients require. A lovely three-bedroom cottage is available for those who would like a totally private detoxification process. Other amenities include daily housekeeping, professionally prepared meals, high-speed internet, cable TV and kitchen access.

Don’t allow alcohol addiction or any kind of substance abuse to control your life. You can defeat your addiction by checking into a first-rate drug rehab. Give us a call at 844-915-0287, and we’ll get you started on the path to recovery.

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