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My child is dealing drugs?

My child is dealing drugs. What do I do?

My child is dealing drugs. What do I do?


My child is dealing drugs. What do I do?

Talk to your child

Talk to your child and bring up the concerns you have. Let them know their behavior could land them in jail or an option that’s even worse. Set your boundaries and let them know they cannot continue to sell drugs while living under your roof. Drug dealing is not only endangering your child’s wellbeing but it is putting the entire family at risk. Let them know that what they are doing is unacceptable and if they continue to display that behavior then they are not welcome in your home. It is recommended to be stern and firm in your boundaries, but anger will not help alleviate the situation.

Give an ultimatum

Give your child a bottom line and make sure they know the consequences if they do not comply with your rules. Allowing them to do as they please and not suffer any consequences will only perpetuate their behavior, and they may not stop until law enforcement or a more serious consequence is suffered. Let them know that if they do not stop you may call the police. The police can be a strong advocate in this situation. Most parents dread the thought of calling law enforcement on their own child but dealing drugs is a serious and dangerous business. Parents need to be ready to go to any length in order to help their child put an end to that behavior. If your child lives with you, a good way to protect yourself and the rest of the family is to remove them from the home. If they are under the age of 18 law enforcement might be the best course of action. This does not mean you have to get your child charged with a crime, but the police can talk to your child and let them know the consequences of their actions and what problems are to come if they do not stop.

Look into treatment options

Your child may be dealing drugs to support their own habit. If they are selling drugs in order to support a habit they may need to go to a drug treatment program. Talk to your child and get to the root of the problem. Try to communicate with them and understand what is going on. They may have issues with addiction that have been overshadowed by their participation in selling drugs. This is a sign of addiction and can get worse very quickly. Intervening before it gets out of hand could save your child’s life.