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Most adults in the United States consume alcohol, but for some people, consumption can become abuse or addiction. Sadly, drunk driving is often the result. These drunk driving statistics reveal just how significant this problem really is. Fortunately, alcohol addiction isn’t a life sentence, and addiction treatment can help you embrace the sobriety you deserve.

Alcohol-Related Vehicle Crashes Kill a Person Every 51 Minutes

drunk man in car wonders about drunk driving statisticsOne of the most staggering drunk driving statistics is that more than 100,000 people die every year as a result of an alcohol-related accident. However, that doesn’t accurately depict just how frequent these accidents take place.

Every 51 minutes, an alcohol-related vehicle crash kills one person. That means that at least once every hour, someone’s life ends abruptly. At least once every hour, a family is shattered forever. It’s important to realize what personal devastation a person can cause by driving while under the influence of alcohol.

29% of Traffic Deaths Involve Alcohol

Car accidents and traffic deaths happy for a number of reasons. In today’s tech-savvy world, electronics and smartphones are often a distraction that can cause accidents. Even with all of these additional factors, however, one issue causes nearly one-third of all traffic deaths: Alcohol.

If there were no more drunk drivers, traffic accidents would be cut by one-third overnight. Over 100,000 people wouldn’t have to die each year. To create safer roads, drivers have to be sober.

Over 1 Million People a Year are Arrested For Driving Under the Influence

Every year, police arrest more than 1.1 million people for driving under the influence of alcohol. While it’s good that so many people receive consequences for breaking the law, it’s also very worrying. After all, not everyone who drinks and drives gets pulled over.

The reality is that many, many people drink and then drive. In 2014, there were more than 111 million self-reported incidents of driving under the influence. Too many individuals believe that they can beat all these drunk driving statistics and come out the other side okay. There’s no safe or responsible way to drink and drive, yet the practice continues for millions of Americans every year.

Reduce Drunk Driving Statistics Through The Hills Treatment Center

If you or someone you love struggles with alcohol abuse or addiction, then it’s critical to get professional support. At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer a full continuum of care through our alcohol rehab programs. From detox to rehab, there’s comprehensive and quality care available. Just some treatment methods and amenities available include:

Don’t become one of these drunk driving statistics. At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, you can overcome addiction and break free from alcohol for good. Call 844-915-0287 and get on track to the recovery you deserve.

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