Drugged Driving – The Implications Of Drug Addiction

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Man attempting drugged driving

Americans are quite familiar with the horrible consequences of drunk driving, and the unfortunate headlines are in the news far too often.  Add to that other distractions such as text messaging, which create even further danger on the road.  However, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is bringing a new sense of awareness to the growing problem of driving while under the influence of drugs, or drugged driving.

Drug Addiction Goals

Man attempting drugged drivingThe White House administration has announced that their National Drug Control Strategy includes the goal of reducing drugged driving by 10% by 2015.  Experts agree that drugs, even those prescribed by a physician, can impair judgement, vision, motor skills, reaction times, and memory while behind the wheel of a car.

The White House strategy to raise awareness includes:

  • Encouraging states to adopt impairment laws that include drugs
  • Collecting more state by state data on drugged driving
  • Preventing drugged driving through education
  • Increase training to law enforcement on identifying drugged drivers
  • Develop screening methods for testing drugged drivers
  • Drug Involved Fatalities Behind the Wheel

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports some alarming statistics.

  • 23 percent of fatally injured drivers who test positive for drugs, were under age 25
  • 42 percent of fatally injured drivers who tested positive for marijuana, were under age 25
  • 16 percent of all nighttime and weekend drivers tested positive for drugs
  • 3,952 fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs in 2010

What Can You Do About Drugged Driving?

The first line of defense is awareness, and education is not far behind.  Use of any mind-altering drug makes it dangerous as well as illegal to drive a car under those influences.  If you suspect a friend or family member is engaging in such behavior try to educate them about the hazards and dissuade them from continuing.  Or, perhaps you’re at the point of intervening and should consult with a physician or counselor about their drugged driving activity.

Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

If you’re living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, there’s a premier facility to help you deal with issues surrounding drugged driving.  The Hills Treatment Center is a private, residential drug treatment facility that is out front on all issues surrounding substance addiction for people of all ages.  Under the leadership of Dr. The Hill’s Program Director C. Samuels, a leading expert in drug and alcohol addiction, The Hills is prepared to address all aspects of addiction in their secluded hillside setting.  The Hills will be that all -encompassing resource that you can turn to for solutions to any addiction problem, and they reflect exactly the kind of proactive care and concern that’s part of the White House’s new outlook on drug control.  Contact them today.  Don’t let your loved one be the next drugged driver on the road.

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