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Growing Drug Use Amongst Rich Kids

Children who come from wealthy families are more likely to use alcohol and other substances than those from poor neighborhoods. Many children of wealthy families turn to alcohol or drug use for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Pressure to succeed
  • Disposable income
  • Disjointed families
  • Desire to be perfect

Drug use among upscale youth can be challenging. Getting help isn’t always an option because parents in wealthy communities sometimes find it easier to deny or hide that a problem exists, rather than dealing with the fall out from the community. While this isn’t always the case, it’s an important consideration.

Is Your Son or Daughter struggling with Drug Addiction? We are here to help.

Alcohol and Drug Use Among Wealthy Teens

Binge drinking and alcohol use among high school students is more common in wealthy areas of cities. Children of wealthy families have resources that other kids don’t, and can usually afford to purchase fake IDs or pay someone else to buy alcohol for them. Additionally, more high school students in wealthy areas have admitted to drug use.

In their younger years, the amount of alcohol and drug use is lower among the children in wealthy areas than that of poor areas. However, wealthy youth exceed drug-use rates among poorer counterparts once in high school. Parents in upscale households sometimes defend their children’s drug and alcohol use. Some believe it’s safer to have their children drink with friends at home rather than go out to do it.

There may be some fallacy that having money and going to expensive, prestigious schools makes it harder for the wealthy to do drugs. However, certain drugs, such as Adderall, are more popular among wealthy teens because they claim to boost students’ alertness and energy. Because students are more alert and energetic, they can study for longer periods of time, helping them maintain the illusion of perfection. Drugs like Adderall, and even cocaine, can also help students party harder, for longer. This may be appealing for those who need to maintain their grades, but still want to fit in with their friends.

Rehab for Well-Off Teens

Treatment is affordable for those who truly need help and are willing to get it. Although some affluent communities may frown upon attending rehab, sometimes it’s necessary to get healthy. There are many drug rehabilitation facilities, like The Hills Treatment Center, that offer luxury and confidentiality to their clients. The Hills is located in The Hollywood Hills of California, secluded from prying eyes and distractions. Our drug and alcohol treatment center holds family treatment that incorporates other family members into the recovery process. Through family programs, those in rehab can re-open communication channels and find where they fit into their family dynamic. Asking for help is the first and sometimes hardest step in recovery, but doing so is also the most important step.

To begin your journey to recovery, contact The Hills Treatment Center at 488-323-4665.