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Legal Assistance

I have Legal Issues. How can The Hills help me?

The treatment landscape is no longer the secret, insulated world many of us grew up with; the ubiquity of cell phone cameras has rendered so-called, “Private Moments” public. Frankly put, it is harder and harder nowadays to hide the consequences of alcohol and substance abuse. But, conversely, it is also easier for the world to see what you are doing to actively change your life. The Hills has emissaries under its employ who will accompany you to the courthouse and report to the judge exactly what you are doing to transform your life and free yourself from the shackles of addiction. We also provide written documentation of your progress which, historically, has dramatically altered how the courts feel about both you and your transgressions. And you no longer need to be a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of real recovery.

Prosecutors have great respect for defendants who take their rehabilitation into their own hands. Seasoned Prosecutors know what to look for. They know the difference between someone who is merely “phoning in” their recovery and someone who, despite adversity, is putting in the time and the work it takes to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. And here is where The Hills can help.

Upon your admittance, your counselor, therapist, or case manager will review your case and work in tandem with your lawyer to provide a united front against legal persecution. This is an effective tack because The Hills already knows what the courts expect to hear from someone who is genuinely committed to reversing their circumstances. We know and understand that sometimes consequences are necessary for our actions, but we also know that not everyone deserves to be punished for being sick. And no one deserves to be punished for getting well.

In some cases, the courts may count days spent in treatment as time served.

So, the question remains, “I have Legal Issues. Can The Hills help me?”

And the answer is Very Simple: “You have not exhausted every resource at your disposal until you’ve asked for help.”