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Drug Rehab Facilities for Women

Drug addiction does not discriminate. Women of all economic, geographic, age and history can succumb to drug addiction. The reasons for picking up their first drug can vary drastically. The majority of women suffering with drug addiction have a history of physical, mental or sexual abuse. Because of the higher risk of abuse and other traumatic life experiences, women are more likely to find success for recovery in drug rehab centers for women. There they have support of counselors, doctors and peers that may have endured similar life challenges.

Facilities for Women

Women can find success by getting treated in an environment that influences connection amongst peers. Companionship, trust, and hope can help build their self-confidence and social skills. Recovery should be uniquely addressed and all psychological issues should be treated to fully recover.

Drug Rehab Facilities for Women

Rehab centers for women may include life skills and therapy such as:

  • Drug Detox: A medical staff to supervise and safely detox from drugs.
  • Group Therapy: Building trust and social skills with and amongst women.
  • Anger, Trauma, and Psychodrama Management: Behavioral therapy and coping skills
  • Family Treatment: Sometimes integrated after a period of time in which the addict can acclimate to treatment.
  • Dual-Diagnosis: This is very common for women in drug rehabs because they generally are treating more than just drug dependency.

Some drug rehab centers for women have specific dynamics and varied approaches.

They may incorporate therapy such as:

  • Equine therapy: The psychological experience of working with horses has found to be successful in building self confidence and identifying the underlying issues they may be suffering from.
  • Children Services: Some women’s drug rehab centers provide care for both mother and child. Or offer therapy sessions that will help re-enforce the mother and child bond.
  • Meditation and yoga: Influencing spirituality and exercise as a part of their therapy.
  • Art therapy
  • Spa Services

Men and women have encountered and cope with life experiences very differently. Treating drug addiction is more than just removing the substance. Treating the psychological dependency is crucial in recovery. Finding connection and companionship in drug rehab centers for women is highly beneficial and can be a success.