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What is a Sponsor and How Do You Get One?

What is a drug rehab sponsor and how do you get one?

What is a sponsor and how do you get one?



What is a drug rehab sponsor and how do you get one?

A sponsor is someone who will help acclimate the newcomer to a 12 step fellowship program. They will help to educate the newcomer on the 12 steps and take them through the program as they see fit. A sponsor is obtained at a 12 step fellowship meeting. A normal sponsor should be someone who has considerably more time in sobriety than the newcomer they are going to sponsor. They are used as another support system. Most sponsors allow their sponsees the freedom to call them at any time. Sponsors are there for advice and guidance through the ups and downs of early recovery. Getting a sponsor is very simple. All you have to do is ask.

Typically at every 12 step meeting there is time set aside towards the end of the meeting for sponsorship. All of those attending the meeting who are available to sponsor a newcomer will either raise their hand or stand up. Newcomers tend to be a bit shy at first but there is really nothing to be apprehensive about. Those who announce their willingness to sponsor are looking for a sponsee. It helps them to give back what they have previously received and will ultimately help them in their own recovery. It is very common to ask an individual to be your sponsor if you see something in them you relate too. Another common theme when deciding who you want to be your sponsor to be is to “want what they have”. This means that they are portraying certain qualities that you wish to omit to a newcomer someday. Sponsorship is an important part of getting involved in early recovery. Not only will it help you to meet more people in the program but it will provide the necessary support and guidance that is required when in early recovery.