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What is the Difference Between a Sober Living and a Halfway House?

Individuals often confuse sober living houses for halfway houses. A halfway house is generally provided for those released from jail or prison, and serves as a reintegration tool. Many halfway houses treat substance abuse, although this may not be their primary focus. A majority of these residences take in former prisoners with all types of criminal backgrounds. So while sober living homes are primarily targeted towards those with substance abuse problems, someone with a history of theft or abuse may be staying in a halfway house when he or she is released. Other halfway houses are solely for those with severe mental disorders who have recently been released from a mental health institution. Halfway houses often involve a program of treatment with daily groups and meetings. The government funds these houses, and they may be free or low-cost.

Sober living houses are private residences, providing support for those struggling with a substance abuse problem. They differ in structure and price, but have less structure than a halfway house. Individuals attend sober living homes voluntarily, rather than by court mandate. Provided as a means for reintegration of recovering addicts, sober living houses give the recovering addict a healthy peer network and model of recovery. Sober living houses are extensions of residential or outpatient rehab programs. They provide a lower level of care that gives individuals more freedom. However, they still provide the structure necessary for prolonged recovery. At The Hills Treatment Center, our sober living facilities also offer many of the same amenities as our inpatient programs. Individuals that remain continue to benefit from residences that staff monitors 24 hours per day. The Hills Treatment Center also provides cleaning services, nutritious snacks and a close proximity to the city.

Which is Right for You?

When deciding between a sober living home and a halfway house, it’s important to outline what your requirements are for recovery. For those with financial troubles or without insurance, a halfway house may be the way to go after rehab.These recovery centers can also be great places to meet like minded individuals suffering with similar problems. However, finding space in one of these facilities might prove difficult. On the other hand, sober living houses are substantially more comfortable. They also offer a degree of privacy that halfway houses can’t. Privacy and luxury does come with a higher price tag, though. For those who have insurance or are able to afford a higher standard of care, sober living homes are the ideal way to continue on the journey to sobriety.

Whether you’re just beginning on the path to sobriety and need detox services, or you’re ready to integrate into a sober living home, The Hills Treatment Center can help. We provide options ranging from inpatient to outpatient treatment and everything in between. Get the help you need today. Call 866-323-4665 to verify your insurance and learn more.