How Addiction Leads to Drug Overdose

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Stressed woman thinking about drug overdose

Nearly 50,000 Americans die each year from drug overdose. Despite that statistic, many drug users don’t believe it could happen to them. Tracing the connection between addiction and drug overdose reveals the truth.

Drug Tolerance Increases Over Time

Stressed woman thinking about drug overdoseThe biggest reason that an addiction leads to overdose is because of increased tolerance. Basically, this means that the brain and the body get used to a set amount of the drug. Eventually, the body wants more of the drug in order to feel the same effects.

Unfortunately, taking bigger doses brings bigger risks. That is why long-term drug users are more likely to suffer from an overdose. They may think that they’re used to a specific amount, so there’s no risk of overdose. However, the body can only handle so much.

To top it all off, prolonged drug use typically weakens the body. Many overdoses are lead to death as a result of organ failure. When an addiction has already stressed the heart and lungs, an overdose can be too much to bear for these vital organs.

The risk of an overdose is the number one reason why there is no such thing as safe drug abuse. Anyone struggling with a drug addiction needs to seek immediate attention to prevent the chance of an overdose.

Drug Addiction Impairs Cognitive Function

Also worth noting is that a drug addiction can greatly impair your brain function. When individuals use cocaine, heroin, prescription medications or other drugs, there’s a good chance they aren’t 100% rational.

This lack of cognitive ability means some drug users forget how much they’ve already taken. Or, they may not feel the effects as quickly as they’d hoped. This increases the likelihood of taking more than planned and overdosing as a result.

Illegal Drugs Don’t Have Consistent Potencies

A drug overdose can also happen even when users try carefully to avoid it. The FDA doesn’t monitor drugs as closely as food or even alcohol. In fact, both scientists and drug dealers create these drugs in batches. This means that they can be different every time.

Dealers often cut powdered drugs with other ingredients. This makes it hard to guess a drug’s purity or potency. One wrong decision and users may end up consuming way more than they can handle. This can turn a “standard drug use” into a fatal overdose.

Drug Overdose Too Frequently Goes Unreported

Especially worrying is the fact that many individuals don’t report when they see an overdose. If they were always reported, then users could pinpoint sellers that were distributing dangerous varieties. Or, they could more accurately prepare and protect users.

Most individuals don’t report overdoses because they’re afraid of legal consequences. Sadly, some people who overdose don’t get the help they need quickly. This can turn an overdose into a fatality in a matter of minutes.

To ensure a drug overdose is never in your future, seek help right away. At The Hills Treatment Center, you can begin a treatment program to combat addiction for good. Call 844-915-0287 to take the first step toward addiction recovery.

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