What Leads to Drug Overdose Deaths?

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young woman with needle is a victim of drug overdose deaths

Both street and legal drugs are constantly becoming more dangerous because those who manufacture them are making them more potent or mixing them with other drugs. The opioid epidemic is clearly a problem, but deaths from alcohol, cocaine, meth and other drugs are extremely high as well. It’s important to know what leads to various drug overdose deaths so you can help someone you love.

Opioid Drug Overdose Deaths

young woman with needle is a victim of drug overdose deathsThe opioid crisis in the United States has been getting progressively worse over the last decade. This epidemic began with the overprescribing of potent opioids like Prescription Pain Medicine . Now, so many people are getting hooked on pain medications that they’re quickly progressing to drugs like heroin. Below are the most common prescription opioids that people become addicted to:

  • Prescription Pain Medicine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Dilaudid
  • Opioid Pain Medication

Opioids are a synthetic form of opiates. Sadly, many people are overdosing because heroin is being cut with the more potent synthetic drug, Fentanyl. Opioids and opiates are depressants, which means the side effect of abusing these drugs is that your respiratory system slows down.

An overdose occurs when a person begins to lose the ability to breathe, but the medication Narcan has saved many lives. Narcan acts by going straight to the opioid receptors in the brain and unblocking them so the person can breathe again.

Other Prescription Overdoses

An epidemic people often don’t talk about is the one that involves other prescription medications like Benzodiazepine Medication and Benzodiazepine Medication. Doctors often prescribe these drugs to people who struggle with severe forms of anxiety. Much like opioids, these medications greatly suppress the nervous system and can cause breathing problems. Most people who are abusing medications like Benzodiazepine Medication or Benzodiazepine Medication combine them with other medications or alcohol. This makes the medications even more dangerous.

Drug Overdose Deaths from Alcohol and Cocaine

Cocaine and other uppers like meth and amphetamines can lead to cardiac arrest, but there’s a more common cause of overdose. People who use drugs like cocaine and medications for ADHD like Ritalin often drink alcohol in conjunction with these drugs. Individuals who combine these substances can drink longer without feeling the effects of alcohol. The issue is that these individuals often don’t know how much they’re actually drinking, which can lead to potentially fatal alcohol poisoning.

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