Drug Detox, Rehabilitation, And Recovery Three Key Phases Of Addiction Treatment

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Group therapy session after drug detoxification

The Basics of Drug Treatment

Group therapy session after drug detoxification

Millions of Americans abuse substances to the degree that they themselves, their family or friends cannot bring the problem under control or eliminate it.  In such situations, participation in an addiction treatment program may be a life-saving measure.

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse  (NIDA) explains, drug addiction is a complex illness identified with intense, uncontrollable drug cravings and drug seeking activities, which persist despite devastating consequences.  Drug addiction is a disease of the brain that can affect learning, memory, and motivation. Because drug addiction has so many dimensions and is so disruptive to the physical and emotional aspects of an individual’s life, there is no quick and easy treatment solution to unwind this disease of addiction.

Phases of Drug Addiction Treatment

There’s many years of research showing that drug treatment can help those who are addicted to drugs stop using drugs.  There are some basic and well-accepted principals of effective drug treatment that should form the foundation of any effective drug treatment program, and they can be found within three distinct phases of drug addiction treatment.

Detoxification:  The goal of detoxification is to rid the body of toxins produced by drug use, so that the body can readjust and heal itself after being drug dependent.  It’s thought of as unwise to try a drug detox on your own as it’s a particularly vulnerable time, however, a good residential drug detoxification program can ease the process of detoxification and the challenges of drug withdrawal.

Rehabilitation:  Once a supervised detoxification program has been completed, the work of rehabilitation can begin. This is a pivotal time in the life of a recently detoxified individual, when abstinence is new and their overall state of health is being tested.  At this point, a valid rehabilitation phase should include a variety of behavioral treatments and therapeutic approaches to help individual’s modify attitudes and increase functional life skills.  Residential treatment is an excellent milieu in which to flourish rehabilitation.

Recovery:  Finally the drug-addicted individual will reach the goal of recovery, having completed drug detoxification and rehabilitation under the guidance of a residential program.  However, continued support is still necessary as this fledgling recovery must stand up to the distractions and stressors of a mainstream lifestyle, and it is highly recommended that therapeutic support continues for longer time with no limit preset.

Addiction Treatment at The Hills Treatment Center

The environment at The Hills is the finest, most skilled, kindest, luxury environment in which to complete the three phases of drug detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery.   The Hills treatment modalities hit every note when it comes to supporting the whole person as they steward you through your battle against drug addiction.  Consult with them today and begin your own journey, not alone, but with proper support to achieve the end goal of recovery; and even then you won’t be alone with The Hills programs there to support you.

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