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Drug detox Los Angeles

Drug detox Los Angeles group therapy session

When beginning your search for a drug rehabilitation center that offers drug detox, Los Angeles has a lot of options. It’s not a surprise that southern California is home to many private detox centers. Los Angeles’ temperate climate, beautiful scenery and health-focused, progressive lifestyle makes the perfect home for seeking treatment for your drug and alcohol addiction. Seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction starts with detoxification. A private detox center allows your body to clear itself of toxins in a safe and controlled environment.  Before you commit to completing an alcohol and drug detox, you most likely have many questions on your mind. What treatments will be used? What will your day-to-day routine look like? How will your body handle detoxing from drugs and alcohol? What are the physical and mental symptoms of drug detox? Will the staff be able to meet your specific needs? Will you be able to see family and friends during the detox process? How long will it take? The decision to enter a residential treatment facility is not one to be taken lightly and it is normal to have questions and concerns. The more you understand the inpatient drug rehabilitation process, the easier it will be to feel confident in your decision to seek treatment.  

What to Expect at Alcohol and Drug Detox

Knowing what to expect during drug and alcohol detox and inpatient drug rehab will help you find success and sobriety. The first step in most inpatient drug rehabilitation programs is the detoxification process. Detoxification is a medically-guided alcohol and drug detox process helps your body eliminate the toxic chemicals that are built up in your system from drug use. The process isn’t easy, but with proper medical and therapeutic guidance, it will be made as comfortable as possible. Many patients are scared of the physical, emotional and mental pain that can occur during the drug detox process – and this fear can keep addicts from seeking treatment. Detox isn’t a walk in the park, but drug and alcohol abuse destroys your body and mind – detox is the only option for healing and the hope for a brighter future.  Some symptoms that you can expect in alcohol and drug detox include:

·      Agitation

·      Anxiety

·      Panic attacks

·      Muscle aches

·      Trembling

·      Insomnia

·      Sweating

·      Cramping

·      Nausea

·      Vomiting

·      Difficulty breathing

·      Increased heart rate

·      Chills

Managing the Symptoms of Alcohol and Drug Detox

Though there are some unpleasant side effects of alcohol and drug detox, it is important to remember that these side effects are only temporary. The body is incredibly resilient and WANTS to heal and get rid of those toxins. A medically-guided detoxification process includes pain management and around-the-clock care to help you manage the symptoms of detoxification. Once you are physically able to, you’ll begin attending both group and individual therapy sessions. These therapy sessions offer much-needed support during your rehabilitation process. In therapy, you will begin to identify and cope with the triggers and underlying issues that cause your alcohol and drug abuse. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment varies from person to person, and is individualized to their specific addictions and their needs. There is no “time line” for treating a serious addiction – rather a patient is guided along their individual path towards healing and sobriety.

Drug Detox: Los Angeles

If you’re ready to commit to sobriety and get started with drug detox, Los Angeles’ The Hills Treatment Center offers comprehensive treatment and detoxification for drugs and alcohol. The Hills Treatment Center offers a luxurious southern California retreat in which a patient can focus on healing and living a life free from drugs, alcohol and harmful addictive behavior. To learn more about world class drug detox in Los Angeles, visit The Hills web site for more information.

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