Drug Addiction Among Seniors : It’s Never Too Late for Drug Treatment

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Drug Addiction in Seniors : It’s Never Too Late for Drug Treatment

Drug Addiction SeniorsOne of the fastest growing trends in drug and alcohol addiction is among the senior and elderly population.  Census data as of 2014 reveals that 14% of the United States population, or 43 million men and women are over the age of 65.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA ) reports that half of all seniors take three or more prescription drugs daily, and about 17% of them are abusing those prescription drugs.  The number of those seniors with drug addiction problems is expected to double by 2020.

Addressing Drug Addiction and Treatment Among Seniors

In some respects, it’s not surprising to read about the incidents of drug addiction among seniors when you understand the contributing factors.  Drug and alcohol addiction that occurs in an aging population is sometimes tolerated because those individuals may be living with severe, chronic pain, grief over loss of a loved one, feelings of loneliness, isolation, or other issues surrounding aging and degeneration.  Often medication or over-medication is an easy remedy for seniors, and perhaps physicians just want to make their elderly patients comfortable quickly.  If prescription drugs are not available, then it’s easy for seniors or the elderly to turn to alcohol to ease physical or emotional pain, and in the case of alcohol, there is not limit on their potential consumption.

In addition, a shift in demographics is influencing the rise of drug addiction among today’s seniors.  The aging baby-boomer generation enters their senior years with a more relaxed attitude towards, more exposure to, and more acceptance of using drugs to cure ailments.  As more baby-boomers become aged and elderly, statistics on drug addiction are predicted to rise.

Hope for Drug Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction may be overlooked by health care providers, and loved ones often don’t want to confront their senior or elderly loved ones.  The attitude is not to upset them or make an already aged loved one distraught.  Hence, prescription drug abuse and drinking are mistakenly thought to be a better strategy than intervention .  However, seniors and the elderly actually respond very well to drug treatment and rehabilitation.  Older adults quickly recognize the benefits of drug detox and rehabilitation when its explained that their:

  • Cognition will improve
  • They can function better independently
  • They can begin to pursue hobbies
  • They can become socially connected once again

The team of professionals at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles knows quite well the issues confronting drug and alcohol addiction among seniors, which is why they provide a special program designed especially for that population called New Lease On Life  .  Contact The Hills today and learn how you can help your senior or elderly loved one conquer drug or alcohol addiction with the finest treatment possible.  It’s never too late for drug or alcohol rehabilitation and recovery

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