How Detoxification Centers Help You Get Clean

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Woman learning about detoxification centers from her doctor

If you’ve ever struggled with an active addiction, you probably know that getting clean is much easier said than done. Stopping use altogether requires determination and hard work. Unfortunately, this still isn’t always enough to produce lifelong results. In the majority of addiction cases, the professional treatment services offered by detoxification centers is a necessary step in ending the cycle of abuse.

Self Detox vs Detoxification Centers

woman discusses detoxification centers option with her doctorMany dealing with addiction reach a point where they’ve had enough, and wish to quit abusing drugs or alcohol. Quitting cold turkey seems like a reasonable choice to some people, but in reality, this practice can prove to be dangerous. In some cases, it may even be fatal. This is because the body becomes dependent on the drug. When it stops receiving it, dangerous side effects can arise. For this reason, medical professionals never recommend an at home, self detox.

To effectively and safely conquer addiction, those seeking recovery need to attend a detox and rehab center. Detoxification centers can help individuals safely remove drugs from their bodies. In turn, continuing addiction treatment that includes extensive therapy can help individuals relearn helpful life skills. These skills can aid recovering addicts in staying committed to their sobriety once they complete treatment. Addiction causes recurring urges, so learning to manage these urges is a crucial part of any successful recovery plan.

Quality, Affordable Treatment in Southern California

If you’re ready to seek help beating an active addiction to drugs or alcohol, The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, has the treatment services and resources you need for successful and long-lasting results. Our luxurious rehab facility consists of 3 properties located on 4 secluded acres, once owned by a celebrity. Individuals can rest and focus on their recovery while taking in scenic views and enjoying the peaceful charm that encompasses our facility.

We offer full-service detox and treatment services geared towards helping those in recovery regain control and independence in their lives.

We offer:

  • Medically-managed detox
  • Individualized treatment to address patients’ individual needs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment to help with co-occurring mental disorders
  • Life skills and job placement
  • One-on-one staffing
  • Residential and outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization program requiring no sleepover stays
  • Sober companions and sober living arrangements
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Holistic therapies like yoga, massage, meditation, and more
  • Pet-friendly facility where guests can enjoy home-like luxurious amenities

Help Yourself By Calling Us Today

Approximately 90% of individuals most in need of professional drug rehab never reach out for help. If you are one of the millions of people dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t delay seeking treatment. Quality rehab can help you end your addictive behaviors and learn to lead a healthy and productive life that you can be proud of.

Don’t continue the cycle of addiction. Call The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, today at 844-915-0287.

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