The Detox Substance Abuse Recoverers Need

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Are you ready to begin your recovery from addiction? If you’re like many people who are struggling with drug and alcohol dependency, you probably want to quit, but you just don’t know how. Detox for substance abuse is the first step. Because detox can be uncomfortable, some people never get past it. However, with help from the right treatment center, you can successfully complete the detox substance abuse recoverers need.

A Right and a Wrong Way to Detox

Some people try to detox on their own at home. When their withdrawal symptoms become too severe, they end up relapsing. They may repeat this cycle any number of times, and with each relapse, they put their lives in danger. This is the wrong way to detox. Not only is it painful, it doesn’t get you any closer to true recovery.

A better way to detox from substance abuse is to check into a facility with medical professionals who can help you through the process.

The Detox Substance Abuse Recoverers Go Through

variety of drugs on table detox substance abuseDetoxification is the process of ridding your body of drugs and alcohol. It’s a necessary part of rehab and recovery. You can’t be a full participant in your recovery journey if you’re still using.

The detox substance abuse recoverers need doesn’t have to be a lonely, painful process. You can detox in a facility where you’ll be under constant supervision for your own safety. You might also be able to receive medications that ease the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.

Once your body is rid of all drugs and alcohol, your mind will be clear and focused. You’ll then be ready for the next part of rehab.

Professionals in the addiction field know that detox is simply one step of recovery. It’s the work that people put in during the rest of rehab that sets the stage for long-term sobriety.

It’s not enough to just stop using — it’s vitally important to uncover the deep-seated issues that contributed to the addiction. In fact, it’s just as important for people to learn positive, productive ways to handle stress and negative thoughts. When you successfully detox, you’re finally ready to do all of that.

Detox and Rehab in Our Luxurious Setting

You can undergo detox and rehab at the same place when you come to The Hills Treatment Center. The detox substance abuse recoverers prefer happens in a comfortable atmosphere. Our luxury facility sits on four pristine acres in the Hollywood Hills. Although you’ll be in the midst of L.A., you’ll be on a private property where you can focus on getting healthy with no distractions.

We’ve designed our pet-friendly environment for your comfort, and the programs we offer include:

Why not choose a rehab center where you can do detox and rehab all in one, luxurious setting? Contact our compassionate staff today at 844-915-0287, and we’ll answer all your questions about our unique offerings. Your recovery can begin with us.

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