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If you’ve abused drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time, you’re likely to experience withdrawal if you suddenly reduce or stop usage. This is because your body develops a dependency on the drug–physical, psychological, or both. Your body begins to believe that it needs the substance to perform properly. The best way to overcome this relapsing cycle of abuse is to seek medical detox from a reputable and experienced substance abuse program. Learn more about the detox definition and process below.

The Detox Definition

doctor explains detox definition to patientThe detox definition states that detox is the process or period of time in which an individual abstains from or rids his or her body of toxic substances. It occurs when these individuals stop using the substance that their body is dependent upon. Detox is actually the body’s way of reacting to the sudden reduction or loss of drugs in its system. While the body tries to recover its prior functions, it reacts by producing symptoms that can be rather uncomfortable for the user.

Drug detox is a practice that rehab centers across the country perform to help individuals safely and effectively overcome addiction. It’s the first step of a well-rounded addiction treatment program. Detox should be followed by therapy and other treatment modalities for best results.

Why Supervised Detox is Recommended

Detox can be stressful. Most of the time, the process flows naturally with typical highs and lows. Occasionally, though, the process can run into complications that require medical assistance. For this reason, medical professionals recommend medical detox. In addition to being unsafe, self-detox is much less effective detox at a professional facility.

If you or a loved one are ready to overcome addiction, we offer full-service detox and rehab. The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, provides safe and effective withdrawal assistance in a managed setting, away from the chaos of the real world. We also have treatment programs that help individuals get back on their feet and to resist the temptation to use again.

Some of our programs include:

  • Residential inpatient
  • Partial program
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Sober companions
  • Dual diagnosis for those with a co-occurring mental disorder
  • LGBTQ program
  • HIV-Positive program

Our facility specializes in treating addictions to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescriptions painkillers and suboxone. However, no matter what addiction you’re currently up against, we can help you. Our team of medical specialists can guide and assist you through each step of the recovery process, from start to finish.

Treatment is Available Now

Don’t let addiction control your life or the life of your loved ones. The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California has the treatment and tools necessary to beat addiction. If you’re ready to begin this incredible new chapter in your life, we invite you to call us today at 844-915-0287.

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