Crack Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

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A spilled baggie of crack cocaine that is one of the most striking crack cocaine abuse symptoms

Crack cocaine is a dangerously addictive substance. To abuse this drug, people often vaporize the rock-like substance in a pipe and inhale the smoke. Continuing that behavior can lead to addiction, which requires expert treatment. If you think that a loved one has a cocaine problem, see if you recognize these crack cocaine abuse symptoms.

Signs of Crack Cocaine Abuse

A spilled baggie of crack cocaine that is one of the most striking crack cocaine abuse symptomsRegardless of the type of cocaine a person uses, signs of cocaine abuse surface. In most cases, people do well to hide that they use the drug. They may exhibit secretive behavior such as disappearing out of the blue to get high. Sometimes they’re impossible to find and then show up out of nowhere.

As their cocaine use disorder progresses, their lives start to revolve around it. They have obsessive thoughts about the drug and participate in risky activities. Many people neglect their hobbies, families, and friends to obtain and use crack cocaine. This behavior damages their relationships, education, and careers.

Over time, the cocaine use bleeds them dry of money. It’s an expensive habit to maintain, so they could borrow or steal money to pay for it. A lot of people pawn their own and others’ belongings to buy the drug, too.

In addition, most people who use crack cocaine stop caring about their physical appearance. They could give up on proper hygiene and not shower or change their clothes for days. If they develop a tolerance, they may experience withdrawal when they don’t get the drug. The side effects include cravings, anxiety, mood changes, and poor concentration.

Crack Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

Along with the above signs, there are short- and long-term crack cocaine abuse symptoms. Immediately after smoking the drug, people experience alertness and euphoria. However, these effects don’t last long and turn into unpleasant symptoms.

Aside from enlarged pupils, many people experience abdominal pain, aggressive behavior, anxiety, and increased body temperature and breathing. Insomnia, nausea, restlessness, and seizures are also possible. In some cases, people suffer from heart attacks and strokes shortly after using crack cocaine.

Loved ones might notice burns on their fingers that weren’t there before. They could also have blistering or cracked lips. Both of these signs come from smoking a hot pipe.

Ongoing crack cocaine abuse causes long-term changes in the brain. Along with addiction, these changes can lead to depression, hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis. Heart disease and stroke are still risks as well.

Furthermore, a lot of people become very unhealthy. They can develop nutrient and vitamin deficiencies as well as be underweight. Some may also develop Parkinson’s disease and sexual dysfunction.

Help Your Loved One Overcome Cocaine

Do you recognize any of these signs or symptoms in a loved one? The Hills Treatment Center can help. We assist with addiction interventions and offer a variety of substance abuse treatment programs and services, including:

Don’t wait any longer to help your loved one overcome cocaine use disorder. Get help now. Call 844-915-0287 if you need more help to identify crack cocaine abuse symptoms in your loved one.

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