3 Odd Cocaine Addiction Facts

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lines of cocaine on a table - Cocaine Addiction Facts

Did you know that physicians sometimes use cocaine for medicinal purposes? Largely, however, you’ll find that all cocaine addiction facts point toward this drug being a dangerous illicit substance. It causes numerous health, social, and financial problems for individuals around the country.

In fact, cocaine is one of the most powerfully addictive stimulant drugs in the United States. It comes from the coca plant, which is native to several regions of South America. Below, we’ll explore three odd cocaine addiction facts that you may not know.

Fact #1: Long-term use of cocaine can lead to a hole in your nose.

lines of cocaine on glass table - cocaine addiction factsFirst, long-term use of the drug can lead to an actual hole in your nose. If this sounds odd, it really is, but it’s possible.

This phenomenon is called septal perforation, and it’s a common condition associated with long-term cocaine abuse. Essentially, when cocaine users continue to use the drug, it constricts their blood vessels. This constriction causes blood and oxygen to be unable to reach the nose properly. When this occurs, the septum lining begins to deteriorate, which causes the cartilage to decay as well. Septal perforation is when the nose contains dead cartilage, and it can cause an entire nose to collapse.

Fact #2: Long-term use of cocaine can negatively affect your sense of smell

Another one of the oddest cocaine addiction facts is that septal perforation can cause sensory smell issues. You may be unable to smell, which is called anosmia.

Being unable to smell may not sound like much of an issue. However, the truth is that losing your sense of smell can affect you in numerous ways. For example, it can prevent you from protecting yourself if there’s a fire or a gas leak. Moreover, it can also affect your sense of taste.

Fact #3: When it comes to recovery, detox isn’t dangerous.

Finally, another one of the cocaine addiction facts that is quite interesting is that cocaine detox isn’t that dangerous. While detox from other drugs can lead to death, cocaine detox rarely causes any significant problems. The real work for cocaine recovery needs to happen in rehab.

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