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Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are prescription medications that treat anxiety, seizures, or insomnia. Benzos are addictive. Getting clean requires detox and drug rehabilitation. Understanding the benzo withdrawal timeline is a great way to prepare for addiction treatment.

Expecting the Start of Withdrawal

young woman wonders about benzo withdrawal timelineAs soon as you stop consuming benzodiazepines, withdrawal officially starts. However, withdrawal symptoms don’t instantly begin. It’s a slow process. Typically, withdrawal symptoms occur within 12 hours of your last dose.

If you consume long-acting benzodiazepines, it may take longer for withdrawal to begin. In some cases, it may take 24 or 48 hours.

Once the benzodiazepine withdrawal begins, patients should expect various symptoms. These include cravings, insomnia, and anxiety. Tapering off from benzodiazepines may help minimize these symptoms.

The Peak of Benzo Withdrawal

The peak of benzodiazepine withdrawal is when symptoms are the most intense. Patients are most likely to relapse during this time. That’s why it’s critical to be in a detox or rehab program while going through withdrawal.

Many patients experience the peak of benzo withdrawal within 10 to 14 days. This is approximately two weeks after taking the last dose of benzodiazepines.

Some of the symptoms you’ll experience during the peak of withdrawal are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You might struggle with anxiety, or be unable to sleep at night. Some patients notice an increase in pain sensitivity. Fortunately, these symptoms are only temporary and they will fade as detox ends.

The End of Withdrawal

Benzodiazepine withdrawal lasts longer than withdrawal from other drugs. Many patients feel symptoms for months. Often, these are primarily psychological.

It is critical to get professional support during detox. Otherwise, it may feel like detox will never end. It becomes easier to resist cravings and recover while at a rehab center.

Factors That Impact the Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

There are several factors that can lengthen or shorten withdrawal. These include:

  • Length of addiction
  • Daily dosage
  • Age and Health
  • Whether or not you’re taking long-acting benzos

Continuing Recovery After Detox

To treat a benzodiazepine addiction, you need more than just detox. Even after withdrawal is over, patients need support and professional assistance.

During drug rehab, patients can learn how to end the cycle of addiction for good. Treatments include:

The only way to end a benzo addiction is with addiction treatment. At the Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, you’ll have access to resources designed specifically for lifelong sobriety. Call 844-915-0287 to begin your path to recovery today.

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