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Woman experiencing the benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation are endless for treating addiction. Research proves that meditation helps people both physically and mentally. Anyone struggling with addiction can use meditation as a supplement to their other recovery methods to achieve success. More and more treatment centers are using different forms of meditation to help people stay sober.

The Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Woman experiencing the benefits of meditationSometimes people think that meditation is a religious practice, but this isn’t the case. More and more people are meditating because scientific research shows nothing but great results. Most individuals who practice meditation aren’t trying to get sober either – they just enjoy the benefits. Below are some benefits of meditation:

  • Improves ability to regulate emotions
  • As effective as prescription anti-depressants
  • Improves ability to concentrate and focus
  • Successful method for pain management
  • Decreases symptoms of anxiety up to 80% when practicing regularly
  • Effective as a method of anger management
  • Everyone from professional athletes to CEOs of major corporations and even elementary school students are reaping the benefits of meditation.

What is Meditation?

When you consider meditation, the first picture that may come to mind is a Buddhist monk wearing a robe and sitting in the forest, cross-legged. This is a misconception about meditation. In fact, where you meditate makes no difference. Meditation is an umbrella term, and there is a wide range of practices that allow you to meditate anywhere.

The most common form of meditation is practicing present moment awareness and identifying thoughts. The average brain has anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, and these thoughts can distract us. Meditating is simply sitting and focusing on something like the breath and noticing thoughts. When a thought arises, you acknowledge it, and then you bring your attention back to the breath.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is growing in popularity as a form of meditation because you can do it anywhere. Different practices can help increase happiness, decrease anxiety, increase compassion for others and much more. There are even different mindfulness practices as simple as eating mindfully or walking mindfully, so you can do them anywhere. Research shows that practicing as little as five minutes per day will give you great results to help you in life.

The Hills Treatment Center is a full-service drug and rehab facility located in Los Angeles. We understand how important meditation is for recovery and offer other holistic drug rehab therapies. During your detox process, we’ll teach you meditation techniques to help with withdrawal and physical addiction. Learning meditation through our treatment program will help you get the most from your experience. Call us today at 844-915-0287 to find out more about our addiction treatment programs.

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