Are You Wondering About Drug Addiction?

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Man talking to stressed woman about drug addiction

Man talking to stressed woman about drug addictionAre you concerned about a friend or loved one, or perhaps wondering if you – yourself have developed an addiction to drugs?  If that question is of concern, than researching and trying to answer that question is exactly the right course of action.  Addiction to drugs and alcohol has touched every segment of the population, and nobody is excluded from its reach.  Don’t attach a stigma to your speculation because all that matters is that the person in question receives the help that they deserve.  Not addressing your concerns is the only mistake you can make; and it is far better to rule out a possible drug addiction than allow that problem to go untreated.

How To Recognize Drug Addiction

Jot down some of the behaviors that lead you to wonder about a possible drug addiction.  Can you remember exactly what a friend or loved one has done or said to raise your suspicions?  Are you seeing changes in patterns of behavior, mood, or activities over time that have accumulated to leave you with this impression?

  •   Have work or school responsibilities become unmanageable?
  •  Has the person become reclusive or withdrawn?
  •  Are there dramatic changes in appetite?
  •  Is there a change in sleep patterns?
  • Do you often notice unexplained mood swings?

It may be the case that you’ve actually noticed this friend or loved one using drugs, or they have told you that they have.  Or, you-yourself can recognize and admit to drug use and addiction.  If that’s the case, check further into the warning signs.

  •  Much time is spent getting and using the drug.
  • Cravings are out of control.
  •  Drug use continues despite negative outcomes.
  •  Personal relationships have deteriorated.
  •  Work and or school are severely impacted.
  •  Signs and symptoms of withdrawal are apparent.

Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Research tells us that drug addiction is a complex illness, and a disease of the brain; but can be treated successfully under the proper guidelines.   If you think a friend or loved one might be addicted to drugs, then you can’t fix the problem yourself, and they can’t fix it alone either.  Instead, turn to a reputable, premier program like The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles.   Their safe and secure, serene setting provides a variety of treatment methodologies to suit every individual’s lifestyle needs.  Here you will find kind, trusted clinicians and attentive paraprofessionals delivering therapeutic support, around the clock, for each individual.  Consult with an admission counselor today and go from wondering about drug addiction to taking the first step in treating drug addiction.

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