Are There Major Differences Between Drug Abuse Treatment Programs?

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In order to begin the process of recovering from drug abuse or addiction, treatment or rehab of some kind will be integral. With so many different choices available to prospective patients, it can be challenging to pick just one. Keep in mind that there are many major differences between drug abuse treatment programs. These differences can, in fact, greatly impact both the comfort level of patients and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Intensity of Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Of the more than 23 million Americans who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, less than 1% get the help required in a treatment facility. This is known as the “treatment gap,” and it’s often in place because individuals don’t realize that there’s a wide range of drug abuse treatment programs available. One of the biggest ways that these programs differ in by intensity, which is also sometimes called level of care. An intense, high-level of care treatment program is one that’s residential or inpatient. This program includes all meals, accommodation, therapy and treatments, and it allows for patients to have accountability and support day or night.

Programs with greater levels of freedom might include partial hospitalization programs, outpatient programs, sober living programs or intensive outpatient programs. If more people understood how flexible treatment for drug addiction can be, perhaps there would be a smaller treatment gap in this country.

Duration of Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment programs can also vary depending on their duration. At one end of the spectrum may be detox programs that are over in a week. At the other end of the spectrum are long-term programs that include months of residential treatment, followed by months of sober living or sober companionship. Once again, there’s significant flexibility regarding duration, which allows each patient to find the program that meets his or her individual needs.

Comfort Levels of the Program

Since varying treatment programs are located in varying locations, there can also be some major differences between the comfort levels and luxury of facilities. Some rehab and treatment centers are subpar, while others are upscale and offer luxurious accommodation and comfortable, clean and spacious premises.

Are There Major Differences Between Drug Abuse Treatment Programs?

Quality and Experience of the Staff at Treatment Programs

One way that drug abuse treatment programs can differ is when it comes to the quality and experience of the professionals treating patients in each program. While medical experience and the right credentials are vital, compassion and understanding must be part of the equation. Professionals with a history of addiction can sometimes be the best teachers, leaders and counselors for others also struggling with substance abuse.

Therapy and Treatment Methods Offered During Drug Abuse Programs

Treatment programs can also vary depending on the kinds of therapies that are available. Some of the most common include:

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