A Drug Treatment Center’s Approach To Recovery

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Woman talking to a therapist as an approach to recovery

What The Experts Say About Drug Treatment and Recovery

Woman discusses her approach to recovery with a male counselor

Drug and alcohol treatment centers take various way to approach to recovery.  Experts in the field of addiction treatment have found that some approaches are more successful than others.  When choosing between different drug and alcohol treatment facilities, it’s recommended that you look carefully at not only the detoxification and treatment methods used, but also examine what programs are offered to support the recovery phase of addiction rehab.

A few years ago, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted a case study that examined  provider approaches to recovery.  Their research revealed that recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction is a gradual process that is achieved through abstinence, improved health and wellness, and overall better quality of life.    As opposed to the quicker detoxification and discharge type of program, they recommend a recovery-driven system of care, and they developed guidelines about the nature of recovery as an end-goal at any worthy treatment facility.

  • There are many routes to recovery
  • Recovery is self-directed
  • Recovery is holistic and centered on the individual
  • Recovery requires individual acknowledgement that change is needed
  • Recovery is supported by peers and loved ones
  • Recovery involves pride and determination
  • Recovery needs rebuilding a life within the community
  • What Should Drug Treatment Facilities Provide?

The best drug treatment facilities should provide various recovery support programs.  They should offer flexible options that are developed over time to suit the changing needs of recovering individuals under their care.  Each individual should have access to these services under the guidance of staff that they have built a relationship with during drug detoxification and rehabilitation phases of treatment.

  • Treatment is highly individual
  • Continuity of care is provided
  • Integrated services
  • Responsive therapeutic dynamics
  • Partnership based, an culturally responsive
  • Peer recovery support options
  • Inclusion of families and significant others
  • Available education and training

Recovery at The Hills

The Hills Treatment Center is always on the leading edge of drug and alcohol treatment methodology, and provides a wide variety of recovery support programs for each individual in their care.  Their talented team of clinicians and paraprofessionals guide each client from detoxification through to recovery and beyond, always intent on transitioning individuals back into the community successfully.  Consult with an admissions counselor at The Hills, and begin the journey toward recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction.  At The Hills, you’re building a partnership for life, your better life.

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