How to Answer “Am I an Alcoholic?”

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Stressed out woman wondering 'am I an alcoholic?'

Stressed young woman asks herself am I an alcoholic Addiction is a very cunning mental illness that affects the brain in ways that most other illnesses don’t. The part of the brain that’s responsible for self-awareness doesn’t work properly for those with addictions, so many people don’t know how to answer, “Am I an alcoholic?”


This lack of self-awareness causes many people to never get the help that they need. Even when someone suffering from alcoholism is approached by a loved one about his or her problem, he or she may get defensive and upset about the suggestion. As you may have guessed, this is another issue with self-awareness. It’s important to understand how addiction works so you or your loved one can get help.

Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol is a legal substance in many countries. Just about anywhere you go, if you’re of legal drinking age, you’re able to buy alcohol. Due to the fact that it’s the least restricted substance, many people don’t realize that they’ve developed a problem.

It’s true that most people are able to have a drink with friends or have a couple drinks to relax after a long, stressful day at work. There are even those who indulge in excess drinking on a weekly basis but are able to abstain if need be. Then, there comes a point though when a person loses control of their drinking.

Alcoholism has two primary symptoms that indicate that a person has lost control. The two primary symptoms are a mental obsession and physical craving. Those who have developed alcoholism are unable to control their drinking. Once they have one drink, a craving kicks in where they need more, making it virtually impossible to limit their drinking.

The mental obsession involves individuals constantly thinking about drinking. Their mind tells them that the only way to feel well and deal with life is to have a drink. Some other common signs of alcoholism include:

  • Have you had problems at work due to your drinking?
  • Do you feel physically ill when you haven’t had a drink?
  • Have friends, family or coworkers commented about your excessive drinking?
  • Have you had arguments with loved ones about your drinking?

Dealing with Dependency

If you’ve developed a physical dependence on alcohol, there’s a good chance you’ve developed alcoholism. A physical dependence means that you experience symptoms of withdrawal when you haven’t had a drink.

A hangover is a minor form of dependence, which happens to just about anyone after a long night of drinking. Physical dependence leads to much worse symptoms that can include body tremors, hallucinations, restlessness, irritability and sometimes seizures. At this point, an individual is going to need a qualified detox program to help.

Coming to The Hills Center

Now that you’ve found an answer to, “Am I an alcoholic?”, you can seek the help you need. The Hills Center is an alcoholism rehab center designed to help you. When you come to The Hills, you’ll be in the best care possible.

A medical staff will be there with you to monitor your health and make sure that you’re as safe as possible while you kick your dependence to alcohol. This is done with different medications that help regulate the heart, deal with symptoms of anxiety and lessen other symptoms of withdrawal.

The Hills Center takes pride in helping people who are suffering from addiction because we know that a better life awaits you. Once the detox process is complete, we’ll provide you with the treatment programs that you need to learn how to live a happy, healthy life without having to take a drink again. Call us today at 844-915-0287 to find out more about our pet-friendly facility in Southern California.

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