Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles by The Hills Treatment Center

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Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles by The Hills Treatment Center

group of people at an alcohol rehab in los angelesAt The Hills Treatment Center you will discover the best treatment choices for alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, whether you desire a luxury residential setting or an intensive outpatient program.  The Hills Treatment Center offers a unique educational and therapeutic alcohol rehabilitation experience in the secluded hills overlooking Hollywood.  The Hills Center provides a safe, serene, and thoroughly private environment   in which you can confront and conquer your drinking problem.  Your comfort and confidentiality throughout the rehabilitation journey is fully respected.

Get Help with Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

Are you concerned about the increasingly larger role that alcohol plays in your life? Must you drink alcohol in order to relax?  Do you hide your alcohol? Will you put yourself in dangerous situations because of over-drinking.  Are you increasingly depressed?  Have you been in trouble at work or school as a result of your alcohol consumption?  Are your friends and family worried about your drinking alcohol to excess?  Perhaps you’re at the crossroads of confronting your alcohol problem and are ready to get help by turning to alcohol rehab.  However, finding the correct and best alcohol rehab facility requires careful consideration.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Facility

The Hills Treatment Center is the premier alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, not just because of the luxury, residential – detox accommodations; but because of the stature of the team of professionals there to treat you.  Led by the renowned Dr. The Hill’s Program Director C. Samuels, their team of clinicians and paraprofessionals are on the forefront of current research into the best alcohol rehab methodology.  All treatment is highly individualized, regardless of whether you’re alcohol rehab milieu is residential or outpatient treatment.

  •   Concierge based alcohol rehab
  •   Non-Medical Detox, or detox with medicine support
  •   Three separate residential houses staffed 24 hours a day
  •   One –to-one staff ratio
  •   Luxury sleeping arrangements
  •   World Class meals
  •   Massage and Yoga, meditation, hiking and swimming
  •   Emphasis on  12-step support
  •   AA meetings daily
  •   Various behavioral therapy counseling programs made available
  •   Pet friendly

Special Alcohol Rehab Programs

Among many of its specialized treatment programs, The Hills Treatment Center provides a sober living component to its menu of services to further support alcohol rehab and recovery.  Another of the primary reasons for selecting The Hills as your alcohol rehab facility is that they never leave you without support.  From the moment of intake they’re kind and caring support follows you through to continuing sobriety in a world of challenging stressors and distractions.

Contact The Hills Treatment Center Today and take that first step to alcohol rehab in their exclusive residential detox facility.  Leave the rest to them, and they will steward you toward sobriety in a way in which you can feel pride and be positive about an alcohol – free future. Call 844-915-0287 today.

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