Alcohol Use vs Alcohol Abuse

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There’s a fine line between alcohol use and alcohol abuse. Often this line blurs in conversation. That said, there’s a way to determine if your use is getting out of hand. There are many warning signs that reveal a substance abuse problem.

Differentiating Standard Use from Alcohol Abuse

man with bottle in hand wonders if he has an alcohol abuse problemYou might have a drink while preparing dinner, watching TV, or out with friends. This constitutes normal use. The switch from normal use to abuse occurs when you can’t stop drinking. When you drink to get drunk, you’re already on the road to substance abuse.

Other warning signs include drinking to relieve emotional troubles. If alcohol use leads to arguments, relationship problems, difficulties at work, or legal trouble, you may be abusing it. Even if you don’t drink every day, you could have an alcohol use disorder. For example, only binge drinking on weekends still leads to addiction.

Could it be Alcoholism?

Society favors the person who can “hold his liquor.” What this means is you’re building a tolerance to the drug. Other signs of alcoholism include uncontrollable, obsessive cravings that won’t cease until you drink again. If you go too long without alcohol, your body reminds you with withdrawal symptoms.

Getting Help for an Alcohol Abuse Problem

You can’t undo the damage of an alcohol abuse problem alone. Instead, a rehab facility and its knowledgeable staff must assist you. Alcohol-related withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. The Hills Treatment offers the following therapeutic methods for alcoholism while being supervised by a medical professional:

  • Detoxification that emphasizes physical safety and comfort.
  • Residential treatment with evidence-based talk therapy.
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Family therapy

A serene setting that embraces the personal growth process

Don’t continue down the destructive path of alcohol abuse. Today is a great day to get help. The Hills Treatment Center offers diverse therapy customized for you. Dial 844-915-0287 to change your life today.

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