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woman pouring drink wonders about Alcohol Abuse Definition

If you’re looking for the alcohol abuse definition, you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot to understand about alcohol addiction and abuse.

In fact, the alcohol abuse definition is different from that of addiction. Let’s explore what it means and how you can seek recovery for alcohol addiction if it’s something that you’ve been struggling with.

What Is the Alcohol Abuse Definition?

woman pouring drink wonders about Alcohol Abuse DefinitionThe alcohol abuse definition consists of regularly drinking to the point of inebriation. The main difference between alcohol abuse and addiction, though, is that a person who is abusing alcohol can still quit on his or her own. Someone with an addiction can no longer simply quit but will require detox and therapy.

How to Recover From Alcohol Addiction

Are you concerned that you may have an alcohol addiction? Often, those who develop alcohol addictions are set up for failure from the get-go. For example, they may have had alcoholic parents or have been through a traumatic event in their lives that caused them to turn to alcohol for help.

The latter of these conditions is self-medication. Essentially, self-medication means treating a psychological or emotional problem with a substance such as alcohol. Naturally, it leads to severe physical, emotional, and social problems down the line.

To truly recover from alcohol addiction, you can’t go without professional treatment. Instead, you should reach out for help. The best place to turn is to a licensed drug and alcohol rehab center.

How The Hills Treatment Center Can Help With Alcoholism

The Hills Treatment Center is one of the best treatment centers for alcohol addiction in the nation. We’re located in the beautiful Hollywood Hills of California — rural enough for privacy and seclusion, but also close to the metropolis of Los Angeles City.

We are a luxury treatment center, and we offer the following detox and rehab programs for those struggling with addiction to alcohol:

Reach Out to The Hills Treatment Center Today

Learn more about the programs that The Hills Treatment Center offers by contacting us directly at 844-915-0287. By making this call, you’re getting on the right track for the rest of your life. It’s never too late to begin.

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