Advantages of a Private Detox Center

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Woman consulting therapist about private detox

Distressed woman learns about private detox from a counselor

Whether you’re seeking rehab for meth addiction, alcohol addiction treatment, or a drug rehabilitation facility or program that deals with some other form of drug addiction, there are lots of options available. The question is, which will work for you?

There’s really no one size fits all answer to that question. Most drug and meth addiction rehabilitation programs work for at least some of the people who turn to them. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be around long. However, there are certainly some approaches to meth addiction rehabilitation that can statistically be proven to be more effective than others.

Undoubtedly, if you’re seeking rehab for meth addiction, you want to give yourself the best chance available of kicking your addiction to meth, alcohol and other drugs once and for all. While most types of drug rehabilitation programs are helpful on one level or another, we contend that there are some significant, demonstrable advantages to using a private detox center.

Outpatient Programs vs. Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facility

One of the first things people ask themselves when they finally face the need to get help in dealing with a drug addiction problem is whether an outpatient drug addiction program or an inpatient drug addiction program will work better for them. Either can be helpful and even if you do undergo drug, alcohol or meth addiction rehab in an inpatient drug rehab, it’s always a good idea to continue outpatient aftercare treatment after you’ve gone through your initial drug detox.

While outpatient drug rehabilitation programs can and do work for many people, there are significant advantages to inpatient drug rehabilitation programs, especially for those who have tried other programs and relapsed. Some of the advantages of an inpatient drug rehabilitation center include:

  • Lack of availability of drugs. Yes, you will eventually have to go back to the world where meth, alcohol and other drugs are available, but it doesn’t help to have them under your nose while you’re starting your recovery.
  • Ability to focus on recovery 24/7. Most of us can accomplish just about anything if we devote our full time and attention to it. An inpatient drug rehabilitation center allows us to focus completely on our recovery.
  • Removal of stressors and triggers. Can an inpatient drug detox eliminate all stressors or every trigger? Of course not. Not even the best high end rehab can provide a 100% stress free environment, but the best inpatient treatment centers provide an environment in which you have far fewer outside stressors than outpatient centers.
  • Regular access to professional help. Let’s face it, it’s important to have a support system, and that support system should ideally include trained professionals who understand drug and alcohol addiction and who can offer help not only with addiction, but with the underlying causes of our addictions.

Why a Luxury Drug Rehab Really Is the Best Option for Most

There’s a reason that sports teams prefer playing at home over playing on the road. At home, they’re surrounded by a crowd that supports them, that cheers their every success. On the road, they are surrounded by a hostile crown that wants to see them fail.

When you go to a private detox center, you eliminate the road crowd and surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and break free of drug addiction. This includes both the dual diagnosis treatment professionals who are there to help you and others who are also going through drug detox. In many ways, it’s like surrounding yourself with a team – other people with the common goal of breaking free of addiction – and coaches – professionals who know what it takes for you to break free.

Drug rehab doesn’t need to be unnecessarily uncomfortable. In fact, there’s every reason to believe that a luxury drug rehab is the best option for most people. Being in an inpatient facility that’s comfortable and that encourages family involvement and allows pets and other non-drug related things that bring you comfort can help keep stress levels down and allow you to focus on recovery.

The Hills is a drug rehabilitation Los Angeles center. Set in beautiful Southern California, we offer a low stress environment where you can focus full time on your recovery. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles meth rehab facility or looking for other drug detox, Los Angeles is an idyllic setting to find your recovery. Come see what our drug rehab Los Angeles program has to offer – you’ll be amazed at how pleasant drug rehab and your first steps towards freedom from addiction really can be.

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