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Facts About IV Drug Use

Health Complications

When one uses drugs intravenously through the blood stream to achieve a faster and more potent high that is a serious sign of heavy addiction. Many long-term health complications are associated with IV drug use. When a drug addict begins taking the drug intravenously they risk many seriously health complications, such as skin abscesses, infectious disease, and heart complications.

Addictive Cycle

It is very easy to overdose through IV drug use since many are unaware of how much of the substance they are putting in their bodies at one time. The intense high that is created with intravenous drug use, administering the drug in other methods will never amount to the high that is created by IV drug use. Many types of drugs can be used intravenously including heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and prescription medications. Treatment is inevitable and necessary for the IV drug user. However many times the user will not make it to treatment and become mentally and physically ill. Death is also common occurrence among IV drug users, due to overdose.

Needle Exchange Programs

The ban on federally funded needle exchange programs was lifted 2 years ago by the Senate. These programs are based on the philosophy where IV drug users can receive sanitary needles and equipment for free. They are referred to as exchange programs because most require exchanging old needles for new ones, but some do not have this requirement. It’s only to ensure that contaminated needles do not get reused. According to the Center for Disease Control 1/5 of all of all H.I.V and Hepatitis C contractions are direct results of intravenous drug use.

Most needle exchange programs offer helpful information regarding treatment for drug addiction and counseling. The addict that makes the conscious decision to partake in these programs is one who often seeks treatment for their addiction and that is why they are so beneficial. The positive reinforcement that these programs offer, allow the user to seek information about their drug use. The evidence is clearly stated by the American Medical Association that needle exchange programs are effective in slowing down the spread of H.I.V and do not increase drug use. It’s absurd to conclude that IV drug use increases when these programs are implemented. In reality the message that we are sending by not consummating these programs is a deadly one by letting many suffer from deadly diseases that could have been prevented. There are many tactics that forewarn children that intravenous drug use is bad, from media campaigns to unrelenting prison sentences.