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The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that women are more likely than men to become dependent on prescription drugs. Some drugs physically affect women differently than men. For example, women tend to have a harder time quitting smoking than men, and their relapse rates are higher. If you or a loved one is considering a women’s drug rehab in the Los Angeles area, you’ll find inpatient and outpatient programs designed for your specific needs at The Hills Treatment Center.

Women And Drug Use

Almost 16 million adult women say that they’ve used illicit drugs in the past 12 months. Women may struggle with unique issues surrounding drug use because of culturally defined roles or the ways that their bodies react to drugs. Hormones can also impact substance abuse, making women more sensitive to the effects of some chemicals.

Research shows that compared with men, women often use smaller amounts of a particular drug for shorter lengths of time before becoming dependent. Additionally, they may experience more cravings after treatment. Physically, women are more susceptible to cardiovascular problems caused by drug use.

Women often experience withdrawal more intensely than men. Unfortunately, some treatments are biologically less effective for women.

Ongoing Women’s Drug Rehab Recovery

If you’re seeking help with a substance abuse problem, you’ll face ongoing recovery. The triggers that lead to drug use in the first place, the detox stage and the transition back into regular life are more distinct for women than they are for men. The medical professionals at The Hills Treatment Center are familiar with these nuances. WE help women get the most out of their treatment in a luxury setting.

Surround yourself with a community of women who have overcome similar challenges. During the detox phase of treatment, you’ll know that your peers and therapists understand what you’re going through. As you progress through the next stages, you can relax and trust that your team will be able to meet your individual needs.

Going through a women’s drug rehab program can make you feel vulnerable. Success happens when you have long-term support. We can help you from the moment that you enter our facility until long after you’ve left.

Types Of Women’s Drug Rehab Programs

At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer a variety of programs to help you recover from physical and psychological addiction. These include:

The urban setting is ideal for many women who are looking for residential rehab.

Our clients may choose to stay on our large property, which provides all the comforts and amenities to help them get on the road to wellness. It’s confidential and secluded, but clients have access to world-class restaurants and shopping in the surrounding area. Clients may also participate in the partial treatment program, visiting the facility for all of their therapies and going home at night to sleep.

As you complete the shift toward recovery, you may find it helpful to stay in a sober living facility. These separate facilities allow you to take advantage of the same amenities as you did in our residential program.

You’ll have access to the same treatments, in a more relaxed environment. This allows you to begin to transition toward wellness in an atmosphere that inspires confidence and promotes success. Our aftercare and outpatient treatment programs also help ensure that you stay on track.

One of the major factors that leads to drug use and relapse is boredom. We help our clients stay active and busy so that they can go on to lead fulfilling lives. Don’t put off life because of your addiction. A luxury rehab can help you recover while you live your life to the fullest. Contact us at 844-915-0287 to find out how we can support you or a loved one.